Is it possible that we could see old classic retro attractions return to a new Universal gate?

October 13, 2018, 7:14 PM

Here is a interesting article I found on classic Universal attractions that are no longer with us anymore and I was wondering do you think they're popular enough to Come back without a new movie being made or a remake of It? Like Jaws,ghostbusters,earthquake, the older king kong ride themed from the new york setting, but surprisingly the classic back to the future ride was not even mentioned. And Back to the Future seems to still be somewhat popular today even though Robert Zemeckis has said over and over that he and Bob Gale will never do another BTTF movie as long as their alive. The deloreon was even featured in Ready Player One.

I know newer IP's are more likely to appear in a brand new Universal Orlando 4th gate but their are still plenty of fans that still miss the older iconic classic universal attractions like E.T Adventure which is still alive over at the original park. You would think with E.T still hanging around their could be slight hope for classic universal attractions being revived with never technology that wasn't even possible to be used back when the original park first opened.

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October 15, 2018, 12:11 AM

I hate to burst your bubble but that is a "no can do" for old IP in the new park. The new park will be themed to nines using only 4 IP's. We already know that two of the four IP's will be Fantastic Creatures and Where to Find Them, and Nintendo featuring Mario and Donkey Kong. They have decided on the other two IP, but the more or less recent acquisition of Dreamworks threw things back onto the discussion a guess on a third land will be regarding something from Dreamworks...just guessing - How to Train Your Dragon and/or Kung Fu Panda. The last IP is a mystery, but there are some good guesses around the interwebs if you go looking...but it won't be Lord of the Rings or any of the IP you mentioned above.

October 17, 2018, 6:07 AM

I am still pining for a massive multiple billion dollar 4D similar to Forbidden Journey, center of the park, way up on a mountain, ride through of the Delta House. Togas optional.

Edited: November 6, 2018, 8:59 PM

You really don’t think Back To The Future has still an outside shot of coming back maybe making it a launched style deloreon coaster going 88 mph around a hill valley setting wouldn’t that be awesome? You don’t think fans would come to the third gate to ride that as an option?
Here’s an interesting link.....

November 8, 2018, 10:16 AM

@ Halo

It's not a matter of what the fans will show up for, it's a matter of building a fully immersive park that feels new and fresh while outdoing Disney. You're not going to get new and fresh with old, previously used IP.

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