FP+ Advice for Family of Four with One Height-restricted Child

October 25, 2018, 12:01 PM

I'm helping a coworker plan her family's WDW vacation during the weekly of January 14, 2019. They are two adults, a ten year old that's tall enough for everything, and a tall four year old that can go on most things but not the biggest coasters (Space Mountain, Everest, Flight of Passage, etc.).

My question is how I should help set up her FP+ reservations with one ticket that won't be able to ride some of the higher-demand attractions (FoP especially). I read somewhere that you could take advantage of rider swap and have FP+ reservation for one adult and the older child and then the other adult could wait with the younger child and then essentially gets a FP and can take the older child again. Has anyone tried doing this?

Just looking for some quick recommendations. The parents have gone to WDW before, but it's been almost ten years and they haven't gone with kids. I'm a Disneyland expert and know have been to WDW but not since FP+ was introduced. They're skipping the studios for the trip, one

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Edited: October 25, 2018, 12:27 PM

When you book FP+ reservations, you can select the members of a party for each individual attraction you're booking. If only 2 of the 4 guests in a family can ride an attraction, you would only select those guests for the party booking FP+ reservation. When you go to the FP entrance of the attraction, you identify the members of your party are not riding to the CM, and they will provide you with a rider switch pass (if needed), which is essentially another entry into the FP line for the parent that needs to sit with the undersized child while the rest of the party rides.

Now, there's nothing to say you can't do this, but some would frown upon it as against the "spirit" of the rider switch rules. If you have 1 undersized guest in a party of 3, you can book a FP+ reservation for just one of the parents and request a rider switch pass at the ride entrance. The first parent would ride through the FP line and then when finished would hand the parent swap card to the other parent sitting with the undersized child. Essentially, both parents would get to ride the attraction through the FP+ line but you would only need 1 FP+ reservation to do it (doubling the number of individual attractions you could get FP+ for, assuming they all have height restrictions). The rider switch card is good for the holder plus 3 guests (party of 4), so you could leverage this "loophole" for larger families too, though anyone riding via FP+ the first time would still need a FP+ reservation, and CMs still need to see the undersized child and the parent staying behind before they'll issue the rider switch card.

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