Question about former classic closed attractions at Universal Orlando

December 15, 2018, 12:00 PM

I believe closed classic attractions that we all lost at Universal Studios Florida except E.T Adventure that is still around may still have a shot at returning to a new 3rd gate rather in a supporting role....which I read in your previous article Mr. Niles. This may sound like a strange reason one starting with Back to the future a recent poll showed that in terms of classic movies that we could see getting rebooted one day Back To The Future came out on top I believe at 70% that fans would most likely to see get rebooted. And if a BTTF movie ever gets remade theirs always a chance of the classic ride ressurecting at a 3rd/4th gate. But sadly Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale have previously stated over and over that a Back To the future sequel or reboot would never happen as long as their alive. So I guess perhaps we should put those rumors to rest. Even though it’s odd that in the poll fans mostly want to see a Back to the future remake. Second I want to talk about Jaws I have a strange twist on this popular Universal IP. Warner Bros The Meg which had amazing success at the box office this summer could end up being the next shark blockbuster franchise other than Jaws which had 4 movies to date. I am curious if The Meg ends up being a successful franchise that Steven Spielberg might consider doing a spinoff, sequel, or remake to one of his most popular films of all time. Perhaps seeing it ressurected in a whole new way at a 3rd gate. Possibly name a small section of Jaws Amity Island maybe themed in a New England setting rather than San Francisco. Make a beach setting just a thought. The Meg however the reason why I bring this up is because shark movies are on the comeback now a days and The Meg is already due for a sequel and a possible shark attraction that is being planed in China. One person said it could be a Jurassic Aquarium. Interesting that their hasn’t been a shark film franchise that has not had a theme park attraction since Jaws. I don’t know if I am making sense or not. But that’s my strange twist which I have a gut feeling if The Meg becomes a hit and the next sequel does very well. Spielberg might not like this very much knowing that Jaws is the best shark movie of all time he won’t want The Meg to succeed over his hit. Just my thoughts feel free to disagree.

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December 15, 2018, 1:06 PM

I think there's a chance of future installments of NEW rides based on older movies, but I don't think they'll ever bring back old rides.

December 15, 2018, 2:24 PM

Yes thats what I am thinking using newer technology with the older movies. Jaws and Back to the Future are too classic to be remade. I just have a funny feeling something will be done with Jaws if the Meg ends up turning into a franchise based on the novels. Possibly making 3-4 films. Jaws 1 is the best one out of all 4. I am not saying their should be a fifth one. But shark movies still seems to be popular. The Meg 2 is supposed to come out in 2020 while next year a sequel to 47 meters down is expected to hit theaters. Question is wherever The Meg attraction is going will it make it to a Universal Park to replace it with an WB IP over something like It’s own IP like Jurassic World’s Mossasaur or Jaws? Bruce himself is still standing where you can take a picture with him in San Francisco. So Bruce’s presence still lingers around Universal Orlando Resort just saying.

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