KidZania Mumbai - Best Family Outing Near Mumbai

January 8, 2019, 10:49 PM

KidZania Mumbai is a entertainment cum education based adventure park where kids come and take park in over 100 role-play base fun activities. KidZania Mumbai is Located in R City Mall in Mumbai and has a amazingly designed indoor complex that gives a feeling of a completely different city. There are multiple sections designed for all kinds of role-playing activities for kids so that kids can perfectly enjoy their day out in a secure and safe environment.

Activities for kids in KidZania Mumbai:

There are over 100 unique role-playing fun activities for kids that not only offer fun for kids but also facilitate education and learning. At KidZania kids can take part in different activities and each activity has a dedicated space along with trainer. Below are some of the activity centers KidZania Mumbai has

-Immuno Booster Wall Climbing
-Animation Studio
-Arts and Craft Studio
-Aviation Academy
-Bank and ATM
-Biscuit Factory
-Window Cleaning
-Clock Tower
-Construction Company
-Dance Studio
-Donuts Factory
-Elementary School
-Fire Department
-Fashion Boutique

and a lot more.

Here kids play together happily and role-play as professionals and customers as well. All these kinds of activities not only make their happy and fun-filled but also let them understand what profession has what to deal with. By visiting KidZania kids seem to be more intelligent and knowledgeable.

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