Is Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Coming to Disneyland AND Disneyland Paris?

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Rumor is MMRR will be brought to Disneyland’s Toontown as well as Disneyland Paris, possibly located between its a small world and Star Tours. If this rumor is true, then there is no denying that Disney feels that this new E-ticket attraction will be a huge hit. If announced, this is as close as an attraction can get to becoming a sure thing. If this all pans out, IT’S TIME TO GET EXCITED! Because soon Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be the E-ticket capital of Orlando. What do you think?

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I'd rather temper my enthusiasm and be surprised than to get excited and then letdown by an attraction that fails to impress. Disney has cloned plenty of mediocre attractions in the past, so even if they are planning to put similar attractions at DL and DLP doesn't necessarily mean the new DHS attraction will be any good. I go back to the fact that Disney has released very few details about the ride, and hasn't even confirmed the ride system. They have revealed tons of images on the Galaxy's Edge attractions, and confirmed the long rumored trackless vehicles for Rise of the Resistance (not to mention the reveal of the coaster trains for the Guardians attraction that's probably 2+ years away). There's been barely a peep about MMRR other than the announcement at D-23 that it was about a year away (November), putting it smack dab in the middle of the Star Wars hype, and lending further credence that the replacement for the Great Movie Ride is viewed by Disney as just a people eater to occupy guests waiting to get into Galaxy's Edge. It's altogether possible that MMRR might be even better than the attractions opening at Galaxy's Edge, but a rumor that Disney is considering clones of the attraction at other parks doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be a groundbreaking e-ticket. For all we know, Disney might have spent so much money trying to develop this ride (rumored to be over-budget and almost 6 months past its original deadline) that the only way the extra design and development costs could be validated is to clone the attraction elsewhere (biggest reason why Galaxy's Edge can be anchored by 2 e-ticket rides since the R&D was spread across two installations).

Everything about this attraction tells me to NOT get excited about it, so I think it's best to keep your enthusiasm in check, and be pleasantly surprised if it is indeed worth of e-ticket status.

February 1, 2019, 1:04 PM

This time next year crowds will be swamping DHS with so many choices. Here's hoping that MMRR is entertaining but not too intense (old school Disney dark ride with new FX boosted by better tech). What's especially promising is (along with the 'Cars" show and Toy Story Land, the Disney parks will continue to draw families with little ones. An achievement that has eluded those other park operators.

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MMRR will be to Disney dark rides what Guardians of the Galaxy was to the MCU - an unexpected yet overwhelming success!

BTW, the ride vehicles will be trackless, seating four guests in two rows of two, just like Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, Mystic Manor and Ratatouille, with four rides vehicles dispatching together. Also, there will be a great homage to the original Journey into Imagination at the beginning of MMRR as the four ride vehicles mimicking Goofy’s steam train will ride alongside animatronics of Mickey and Minnie as they drive along in their little red car, very much like the first introductions to Dreamfinder and Figment at the beginning of the classic EPCOT Center dark ride.

February 1, 2019, 6:30 PM

That would be perfect for Toon Town, which has needed a second ride for a long time.

Yes it appears everyone but Russell is excited about this new ride...

February 1, 2019, 6:35 PM


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@Still a fan - My excitement for MMRR is low because Disney has continued to downplay it at virtually every turn. When Imagineers aren't saying anything about it, that makes me think that they're just not very excited about the project. They couldn't stop gushing about PtWoA, or TSL, or Pixar Pier, or now Galaxy's Edge, yet we haven't heard a peep out of Imagineering about this attraction since it was first announced almost 2 years ago.

@Keith - If what you say is true, it sounds like a great concept. However, there's been nothing announced about this attraction using individual trackless vehicles (Disney did reveal that those would be used on Rise of the Resistance). The limited concept drawings and information provided for MMRR have shown a "train" with Goofy as the conductor at the front, not individual vehicles that will be linked virtually.

I'd like to get excited about this, but Disney has not given me a reason to with limited information aside from being the first Mickey Mouse ride and this intriguing 3-D without 3-D glasses concept. I have hope that this will be a solid addition to DHS (and perhaps at other parks around the world), but Disney hasn't done anything to sell me that this will be anything more than a time waster while guests wait for Galaxy's Edge. If this is going to be such a great attraction, why are they so quiet about its development? Doesn't it strike you as strange that they haven't provided any specific details about this ride even though it's due to open in less than 10 months?

February 4, 2019, 10:57 AM

February 4, 2019, 11:34 AM

RM: "Doesn't it strike you as strange that they haven't provided any specific details about this ride even though it's due to open in less than 10 months?"

I Respond: Nope. And it's a sizable jump to claim Disney's lack of chatter about the attraction can be regarded as an attempt to "downplay it at virtually every turn."


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