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When making my selections for FastPass+ this morning the Flight of Passage (FOP) ride was not available and so we selected the Na'vi River Journey and filled all 3 of our selections. When I tried later to check to see if FOP was available I found that I needed to drop a current selection to proceed. I had been under the impression that checking for selections at a later time would be easy but if you have to give up a pass in order to even check the availability of others, and risk not getting the first back it doesn't appear very user friendly.

Does anyone with more knowledge of this system then I have, and that should be a large pool, have any suggestions for checking for availability of rides without having to give up selections you already have.

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March 25, 2019, 9:44 AM

You don't necessarily need to "give up" a reservation, but you need to select one of your currently held FP+ reservations to be dropped when you pick up a replacement. If you are trying to search for a FoP FP+ reservation, you would need to select Na'Vi River Journey to drop since both are Tier 1 FP+ (no other attractions at DAK are Tier 1 and you can't hold more than 1 Tier 1 FP+ reservation at a time). Since you cannot hold more than 3 total FP+ reservations at a time, you need to select one to drop, and if you want to get one for any Tier 1 attraction, you have to similarly select a current tier 1 FP+ reservation to drop. The system does not drop you current FP+ reservation until you've selected and confirmed a replacement, but the fact remains you still need to pick one to drop just to search available FP+ reservations.

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Vaughn ... are you at the park today ? or is the Na'vi for future use ?

I only ask, because if you are there today, FofP could be tricky to get, but if you are 30/60 days out, the probability of you getting a FofP FP+ is pretty much guaranteed, especially as you've snagged a Na'vi anyway.

You need to use the modify button. That way you retain the Na'vi and when a FofP comes up, you can change and confirm, and move on from there. As I said, if you are there today time is tight, and FofP may not come up, but keep trying and you could just drop lucky.

I'm local and go to the parks 2 or 3 times a week. Over the past couple of months I've learnt a lot about the intricacies of the FP+ system, and it's allowed me to ride SDD, FofP and 7DMT pretty much whenever I want. Although I do have to work the app to get the times I want, and that can be time consuming.

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Just returned, and I may post a long discussion on this, but I agree, you need to know how far out you are. Also, the app has frequent failures. If you aren't in a park with access to a computer, you have better luck with using a laptop or PC to modify. One other suggestion: Rope drop. The trick is to get there an hour early. Not 55 minutes early, but an hour. Get in a line to the far left and walk to the left. When we were there they opened the park 30 minutes early and allowed people onto FoP early. I was able to walk onto FoP followed by the line being almost instantly over an hour.

This was the consensus of our group: It was great, but maybe not in the top five of attractions in Orlando. Both Potter attractions, Spider-man, are better. Depending on the family member each would put a few others in there. It is awesome, no doubt, and I don't want to spoil what it is for folks that have not ridden it, but is certainly is no Forbidden Journey, and I would hate to be the person to wait three hours to ride it.

Back to the app. It is terrible. Disney should be ashamed, and I know how to use the thing. Several times it took going to a kiosk to function. It worked better with Magic Kingdom, but the other parks we were basically three and done. One family member is likely never returning to Disney due to its use. While I had a lot of fun, I cannot deny the purpose of the app is more for convenience of the park and not the guest which never would have been their mentality years ago.

March 25, 2019, 1:43 PM

Thanks for your help guys. Today was the 30 day mark and I just checked and FoP has a 'No more FP+ times available' for the day we'll be there. We'll have to see what comes up as the day gets closer.

March 25, 2019, 2:28 PM

Always happy to help .... it's a daunting and frustrating system, but knowing how to 'play it' reaps its rewards. One tip ... I'm not sure what time you have your Na'vi for? but let's say you have one for 10:30am, but in reality you're only interested in a FofP at any time. Work the Na'vi to be as late as you can. It doesn't matter if it's at park close because you don't really want it anyway. This way you have the maximum amount of time on that particular day to modify it and give you the best chance to get that FofP.

As you posted today, I thought I'd see what I could get. I started off with a FofP at 12:50, and managed to move it to 4:10 after a few tries. That would have given me an end time of 5:10, which if I left work 10 mins early I could easily do. But I'm not going today, so I canceled it. However I am going tomorrow, and already have a FofP at 3:20. Hopefully a few tweaks will get me to that end time of 5pm or later. If not, I still have an Everest FP+ to keep me happy .... :)

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The secret to FP+ is to keep refreshing the system. Keep trying multiple times throughout the day to see if new slots pop up. People are always tweaking their reservations, so selections come and go rapidly. Also, as you get closer to the day of your visit, Disney refines how many FP+ reservations each attraction can handle, meaning they are likely to release additional slots since you are visiting during a peak crowd day where attractions will need to be operated at their maximum capacity.

Also, when you're searching, make sure your searching by each hour interval that you have available (no other FP+s). The system is somewhat clunky in this respect in that you frequently end up with different search results this way than searching by "morning", "afternoon", or "evening". What's weird is that you can search for a FP+ at 10 AM, but it will still show you ones at 7 PM, if that's the next available time for FoP. Searching the other way does not show reservations outside of the more generalized timeframe, which makes absolutely no sense, but is the truth.

Just because you didn't get a FoP reservation today, don't stop looking. It's very likely you will get one before you visit. It might not be at the most ideal time, but I would put good money on your chances to find one, even during this busy time of the year.

March 25, 2019, 3:01 PM

Since you are not there yet, might I add more suggestions. If deciding to rope drop, it may depend on how you are getting to the park. If you are staying on site and relying on the busses, please keep transit times in mind. It can take as long as 25 minutes, and you would not want to miss a bus. Getting there 30 minutes before park opening versus an hour can actually make an hour of wait time difference.

After doing the Avatar rope drop, I am totally and completely convinced that it was a massive mistake to put Galaxy's Edge where they did. The rope drop and choke points in DHS are almost dangerous as it is, and the crowds are out of control already. Instead of building more hotels and timeshares, they have got to build a fifth gate. There were people walking around with their kids trying to find the new 'Star Wars Park' and asking how to book rooms for the new hotel. That app is failing now. Imagine what it will do with the tsunami of people decending and they aren't even offering fast passes.

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