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April 5, 2019, 7:32 AM

My Disney excursions of late have seen me missing out on going to SeaWorld, so I decided it was time to stop by and have a first look at the new Sesame Street area. And I must say, I was very impressed. Although the rides are re-themed versions from the old Shamu Harbor days, they all looked shiny new, and anyone visiting for the first time isn’t going to know they are the old rides redone anyway.

I left work a little early, so I could watch the 4:30 Sesame street party parade, and what a fun filled, bright and colorful one it is. Considering this is SeaWorld’s first ever attempt at a parade, they have done themselves proud. Everyone was having a great time, singing and dancing along with the characters, as the 8 floats made their way thru the area. It lasted about 15 minutes, of which a good half of that time was spent stationary on the street, where the ‘party’ part of the parade takes place.

It was a sunny, low 80’s afternoon, and plenty of kids were having fun in and around the new Rubber Duckie Water Works. The whole area doesn’t afford much shade, so I can imagine on a 90+ Orlando day, Duckie’s will be jammed packed with the youngsters trying to cool off. The harbor climbing area was always well populated, but again, for most people they don’t know it used to be there, so just being able to walk along Sesame Street and take in the atmosphere, is going to be enough for the majority of the young visitors.

The Hooper’s store is very well stocked, and with my grandson getting close to the age of being an Elmo fan, I can see myself spending some $$ in there over the next couple of years !! It really is a great store, and has pretty much everything a Sesame Street fan could ever wish for. At the back of the store there’s an area for meet and greets with Elmo and Cookie Monster. When he’s old enough, it’ll be nice to take him there and watch his reaction to meeting all the ‘real-life’ characters he sees on the TV.

There are many interactive areas on the street as well, and the kids were having a fun time either dancing with Elmo at his window, annoying Oscar in his trash can, or just creating their own monster. Plenty to keep the little people happy for sure.

The individual character areas were all well created, with Abby’s flower garden and Big Bird’s storybook area being the most popular. The rides were all up and running and most were 5-10 min. wait at max. The seats on Grover’s train did look a little better than those awful ones on the Shamu Express, so next time I’m there with my friend’s granddaughter, I’m sure I will be finding out if my observations are correct.

It was the calm before the (Easter) storm at SWO tonight, so we enjoyed our stroll around Sesame Street, and then dinner at the Waterway grill over by Infinity Falls …. which was actually working !! Wait time was a bearable 40 minutes. From there, my friend left for home, and I stayed on for another hour to log 5 more rides on Mako.

It’s back to a 6pm close next week for SeaWorld, and after that it’s the Easter Mayhem. Although I’ll be spending more time at the park, as Disney blocks me out for a couple of weeks over the Easter period.

All in all an awesome addition to SeaWorld, Orlando. It’s looking good for SWE in Florida, with Tigris and RMC Gwazi at BGT, and a new coaster for SWO next year as well. Certainly plenty to look forward to in the next 12-18 months.

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April 5, 2019, 9:31 AM

I've been looking forward to your report Mako! Thanks for sharing.

I've not been but my wife and kids checked it out and they loved it. My wife agrees the merch looks great and warned me we were gonna spend some money. You're gonna have a blast with the grandkids.

My wife shares your concern about the lack of shade. Do you think the trees will make a strong enough impact as they mature?

April 5, 2019, 10:57 AM

@RumbleMike .... gonna' have to admit I didn't notice too many trees ... :( so maybe indicates there weren't a lot ?? I'll look more closely next week.

If the parade didn't stop for the dance party, then it would be all over in a couple of minutes, but that stop point is in full-on sun, and even yesterday I thought about how the characters and 'extras' are going to survive on an August afternoon in Orlando. It felt hot at 4:30 sitting on the wall by Oscar's trash can, and it was only 82° !!

Edited: April 5, 2019, 7:50 PM

Thanks Mako. Appreciate the report on the Sesame Street section. Hope it will be a big hit for families with small children. Liked what you said about the rides looking "shiny new". Glad efforts were made to revitalize the area and not just a cheap "re-skin".

You mentioned Waterway grill... I really enjoyed that particular restaurant on our recent visit to Sea World. Unique offerings and good food. We had dining plan so we kind of "pigged out" on our 2 days at SWO.

BTW..regarding your upcoming SFOG visit June 10-11. Those dates are wide open for me to join you there. Probably on the Monday (June 10). I have to pick up my wife from the airport that evening. So it will be good for me to be in that area of ATL. Ed

April 7, 2019, 12:57 PM

Ed .... June 10 sounds good to me.

I’ll do my usual 10pt pondering and musings reports when I start at BGW, so we can discuss finer details then. 7 weeks tomorrow (8th) so not that long to go.

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