The 30th fairy tale in Efteling's Fairy Tale Forest is nearing completion

Edited: May 15, 2019, 10:13 AM

The 30th fairy tale representation/attraction in the famous Efteling "Sprookjesbos" park section (Fairy Tale Forest, which opened first in 1952) is nearing completion.

It's the less known "Six Swans" fairy tale, from the Grimm brothers. For the first time in the "Sprookjesbos" history, the tale will not just bring an (animatronics) animated outdoors or indoors show, but a ride as well!

The six swans who will circle the pond around and inside the little castle, will double as ride vehicles.

Efteling explained that the show will offer both options at the same time : watching the fairy tale show inside, or riding the swans.
The building is near completion, from the outside. The technical installation for the show, still have to be installed.

Opening is scheduled for "autumn 2019". So, very soon!



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