Will Carowinds ever get another water ride since rip roaring rapids is gone forever?

July 19, 2019, 1:43 PM

I know many parks are removing their old water rides and I guess the end of water rides at dry parks are coming to an end unless theirs a comeback which is I guess not likely but carowinds remover rip roaring rapids which is not totally demolished from carowinds from what I understand and parts of the ride is still their currently even the rafts. Will rip roaring rapids have an overhaul or be replaced by a roller coaster or a thrill ride? Carowinds is one of the very few parks I can think of that doesn’t have a water ride in their dry section of the park if rip roaring rapids ends up being taken apart for good is this the end of water rides for this park? Not the waterpark I mean the dry park. Since it gets so hot in Charlotte.

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