What theme parks across the country have room for expansion?

Edited: July 21, 2019, 8:10 PM

I was just curious are their any six flags, cedar fair or herschend parks that have available land for future expansion to add new attractions, shows, and thrill rides? Carowinds? Cedar Point? Six Flags Magic Mountain? Six Flags Over Texas, California Great America I know is expanding.

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August 1, 2019, 9:18 PM

In Europe, there are several who are actually expanding or planning to expand, or do have spare room. I just give a few examples amongst "real" theme parks.

Efteling (Netherlands) : right now 2nd phase expansion. (Eastwards, ..1st phase was 30 years ago = actual entrance and theatre zone, 3rd phase is already planned as well, westwards)
Pairi Daiza (Belgium) : 2nd phase expansion just opened (a couple of months ago) with In-Park hotel accomodation.
Puy du Fou (France) : quite a lot of potential expansion room, all around.
Europapark (Germany) : potential westwards (bejond the circular Europa-Park-Strasse)
Phantasialand (Germany): quite some tryout scenarios, but "allmost not"
Tivoli Gardens (Denmark) : impossible
Parc Astérix (France) : in théory, reorganising parking or buying prairie land across the motorway. But there is also still some unused space in the parc.
Plopsaland (Belgium) : in theory, westwards when buying aggriculture land.


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