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Has anyone else visited all the Disney Parks. How would your tier list be different?

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I've been to all the Disney Parks and for me it's practically impossible to have a ranking because there are so many of the same attractions different parks. Most people would agree that TDS is the best park, but its not my favorite because so many of the major attractions there are clones of rides I have ridden tons of times, and the original attractions they do have aren't very good IMO. The Journey to the Center of the Earth ride i'm sure was cool when it opened, but its short and not much happens, and that Sinbad dark ride is awful (i'm sure a lot of people would refute this...but it doesn't do anything for me). The 20,000 Leagues area and that dark ride just doesn't do it for me, and the aquatopia and finding nemo things aren't anything to write home about. And not only that but the park is pretty much always packed and they have the low capacity version of the rides (Toy Story and Tower of Terror) which makes waiting in line for them extremely frustrating. TDS does have amazing theming though and I love their transportation rides, if it would add original attractions instead of clones it would definitely be one of my favorite parks.

DAK is my personal favorite as the park is extremely well themed, has some great park-specific attractions, and overall carries its message effectively. The animal trails (especially the Maharajah Jungle Trek) are great, the Safari ride is really well done and very high capacity, its got a good show lineup with Lion King/Nemo/ROL,the parks icon is extremely well done (making all those animal sculptures out of concrete is pretty damn cool), Everest is a decent coaster and as an attraction is very well done, and the addition of Pandora really cemented it as one of the worlds best theme parks. Flight of Passage is my favorite attraction at any park and you can tell when visiting the land they made a strong effort not only to recreate the movie landscape but to integrate and enhance the parks overall message. The Asia area is phenominal theming wise, ROL isn't the most spectacular show but its got a great soundtrack and carries the message really well (though its a shame they added the Disney movie parts), and I really like the Dinosaur ride as well (personally I like it better than Indy but once again know plenty of people that would disagree with me). The Chester and Hester area I think the park could do without but I think they will probably get rid of it in due time.

Disneyland would probably come in second and after that it's hard to tell. I used to really love Epcot but over the past decade it has gone way down my list as so much of the focus has been on alcohol, i've ridden the Ratatouille ride in Paris and didn't think it was that great so it won't bring Epcot up, but hopefully the stuff that's going to be announced at D23 does.

I love HKDL, I know it got a bad rep when it opened but almost everything that has been added since then has been really damn good...and unlike the other Disney Parks its usually not packed so it's actually an enjoyable experience (I know this doesn't make it a better park but think of how it would be to to Disneyland and have no lines...that's the actual experience at HKDL and its awesome). I'd put MK over Tokyo because Hall of Presidents, Peoplemover, and Main Street. Paris has hugely improved its upkeep and is back to being a pretty park but badly needs new attractions. Shanghai is a really excellent theme park in pretty much every way but needs a few more big attractions that can stand alongside Pirates and Tron.

I will say by far the worst one is the Studios Park in Paris, that place is borderline depressing, especially that godawful version of the studio tram tour. It's getting some much needed love now but Jesus Christ how does it take two decades to start to fix that.

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