One More -- Disney Springs/NBA Experience ??

November 6, 2019, 2:30 PM

Has anyone here tried the NBA Experience at Disney Springs ?

My 13-year old son loves basketball and is a huge fan. My daughter (15) not-so-much.

We would only consider doing this off-hours, more than anything I'm just wondering stuff like if people think it's worth the ticket price, how long it takes to do everything, and if it's a better use of time than other options at Disney Springs.

Also would love to hear opinions from anyone who's done them on any new-ish other entertainment options at Disney Springs (aka The Void, etc.).

All info appreciated and thanks again!

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Edited: November 7, 2019, 8:30 AM

I have not personally been to the NBA Experience, but it is not getting very good reviews (2.5/5 on Trip Advisor). It costs $35/adult and $30/child, so it's a pretty pricey experience for something that reportedly only lasts for an hour or two. Even people who claim to be big NBA fans don't think it's worth the cost, and those who aren't into basketball at all seem to hate it even more.

It really depends on what you're in to. Personally, I'd rather spend time in the parks than waste it at Disney Springs, unless I'm already going there for a meal or to pick up souvenirs. The VOID has solid reviews, but for me, it's something I can do at home (there's a VOID location that opened 20 minutes away from my house), plus it's also pretty expensive ($35+/person) for an even shorter experience than what the NBA Experience offers (about 30 minutes). For a cheaper alternative, you could always take tours of the WDW Resorts. In fact, if you want to wow your kids, take them to Animal Kingdom Lodge, where you can walk around the amazing building (lots of authentic African and Asian art and artifacts, almost like a museum) and observe the animals that roam around the plains surrounding the resort. Mini Golf is also another good activity that's not terribly expensive ($14/adults $12/kids, and free if you have plus options on your theme park tickets). You can also just walk around Disney Springs and take in the atmosphere with the many street performers and other spontaneous entertainment that happens there - all free.

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