First Galaxy's Edge Experience (including ROTR, no spoilers)

Edited: December 16, 2019, 5:53 PM

I had the pleasure of experiencing Galaxy's edge for the first time today. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because my first experience with the land was the complete experience.

We awoke at 4:30 am, arrived at 5:00, the gate opened at 6:30. We got our boarding group and would end up on ROTR within the first 30 minutes the gate was open. They were at capacity for the day by 7:30.

My brother and I booked it to the land and, as a huge Star Wars nerd, I was in heaven. It felt like I was on a true Star Wars planet complete with X-Wings, Imperial/First Order Shuttles, droids, and all the rest. Star Wars has been my number one childhood world and this experience was weirdly emotional for me. Later on I would try out some of the "Disney Play" app in the land and actually found it to be quite enjoyable as you just explore the land.

Knowing we had some time, we booked it first to the Millenium Falcon ride. Seeing it was a thrill in and of itself, but piloting it was a dream come true. I loved it and would give it an 8/10 as a ride, but a 10/10 as a Star Wars fan ;)

Our boarding party was called right as we left the Falcon (gosh, that is cool to say!) so we headed there. There are not enough superlatives for this ride. The pre-shows are an attraction experience in themselves. The Cast Members are also great. I had a smile on my face as we went through the line and one of the cast members, playing the role of a First Order Officer, told me they were going to "wipe that grin off my face." Which only made me smile even more. The ride itself is beyond words and is easily my new all-time favorite ride. One particular thing I wanted to note is this ride has a really good, coherent storyline that really drops you into the world of Star Wars. I contrast that with what I consider the one weakness of Forbidden Journey, as that ride feels disjointed to me. As a ride, 10/10, as a Star Wars fan, 11/10 ;)

Galaxy's edge is currently my favorite theme park land and it is not even close. I also wanted to mention that I have read from some insiders that ROTR was designed in such a way that it can be adapted either to new movies or even to the Original Trilogy. Whether that will happen or not is up in the air, of course, but it still gets me excited at the prospect of the land being able to have fresh experiences every so often.

Even if you aren't a Star Wars fan, Galaxy's Edge is still a cream-of-the-crop theme park experience, and ROTR is an "out of this world" (I'm so sorry) attraction!

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December 17, 2019, 2:15 PM

Thanks for that great recap! It's interesting to hear the perspective of someone who is experiencing the completed Galaxy's Edge for the first time. Can't wait to hop on ROTR when it hits DLR.

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