Is This A Dream? No, I'm Actually Going To Tokyo Disney Resort!

Edited: December 20, 2019, 11:44 PM

I have just managed to find four hours in my trip to the Tokyo Disney Resort dedicated to Tokyo Disneyland (I'm using the After 6 Passport). I've been to the American Disney resorts many times, so my first draft itinerary prioritizing the unique features of Tokyo Disneyland is as followed (I have a full day at DisneySea for full-resort items such as popcorn, so I will not be listing these things below):
Rush to ride Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek in Tomorrowland and Pooh’s Hunny Hunt/Haunted Mansion: Holiday Nightmare in Fantasyland
Reride these as necessary. Take a spin on Small World once if time allows
Explore the atmosphere of the resort
Watch part of the Dreamlights parade at 7:30pm.
Head to Critter Country quickly for a single ride on Splash Mountain and go to Westernland for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. If hungry in Westernland, get curry at the Hungry Bear Restaurant.
If have extra time, grab a pork-rice ball with fried egg in Adventureland’s Gazebo, and eat it while popping by Jungle Cruise/Pirates of the Caribbean.
Take final spins on Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek followed by Pooh’s Hunny Hunt as necessary.
Chomp down on a sweet at the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall to end the spectacular night.

In addition, I am going to DisneySea (as I mentioned before). I've already read too much online, but I'm curious if there are any other must-do's besides exploring the ports and riding ToT, JTTCOTE, 20K, SSV, etc.

Any and all suggestions for both parks are appreciated!

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December 24, 2019, 4:32 PM

Pooh is a must. If your going after 6 hit it when the last parade starts. I've been on monsters a couple of times, and it's easily the most over hyped Disney dark ride. Both parks are always busy,and everyone who goes pretty much spends the entire day there. Crowds in CA,and FL don't compare to what you will see in Tokyo. Have a great time.

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