trip report: Unplanned New year @ Orlando

January 4, 2020, 12:31 PM

Our last trip to Orlando: Summer 2017 to experience Avatar and Volcano Bay.

Main objective of this trip: Ride Rise of the Resistance.

Secondary objective: Ride Hagrid's motorbike adventure.

Tertiary: Ride Slinky roller coaster

The 2017 trip was planned with more than 6 months in advance. This trip was decided days in advance so I thought I will not find any good fastpass.

Dates: December 29 - January 3

We always stay at Disney and Universal hotels but since this was going to be our first unplanned visit to Orlando and most good fatspass were gone, figured I might stay offsite for the Disney part of the trip. Found a Holiday Inn with included breakfast and transportation to Disney.

Arrived Dec 29 at Orlando airport, took a taxi to Holiday Inn. We went to AK to ride Dinosaur (more than an hour in line) and got dinner at Flame Tree BBQ. Went to MK to watch christmas fireworks and made Seven drawves mine train (between one and two hour line).

Woke up at Three-ish AM on Dec 30. Thought I was gonna be late but arrived at DHS security checkpoint by 5:48 AM.

After security I could not find my smartphone. Panicked real bad for a couple of minutes but eventually found it on my backpack.

At 6:00 AM I opened the app and joined boarding group 18. Navigated the crowds towards slinky and after standing in line for about 15 min our boarding group was called.

We exit the line and head towards ROTR only to find out it was already down. We exit SW:GE to buy a muffin and drink some water. Returned to find out attraction already working. We rode ROTR and were already outside SW:GE before 8AM.

Returned to Slinky roller coaster and did more than an hour and a half in line to ride it. Had lunch and moved on to Mk for the rest of the day. Got fastpass for Rapunzel meet n greet, POTC, and splash mountain. Not bad selections for an unplanned trip I guess. Watched New year fireworks at 6:30 PM

Spent Dec 31 at Disney Springs and AK. Crowds were not that bad. Got FP for Expedition Everest, Rivers of light, and Navi river journey. Again not bad selections. Made more than 2 hours for FoP.

Arrived Jan 1 at IoA to find out Hagrid was already down. Kept checking the app all day, attraction opened when I was having dinner. By the time I was returning to IoA the attraction reached capacity so next day would be last chance to ride. Attraction worked normally on Jan 2 an we made more than 4 hours in line to ride it.

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