Warner Bros. v. Disney

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According to the article above I posted I noticed that WB is looking to create and build its own theme parks based on the Matrix, Wonka, Lord of the Rings, etc. Do you think this type of idea of another movie styled theme park could work in the US to become a big 3 something Robert talked about a few years ago about when will the next big theme park ever come to the US? I was interested on what Mr Niles said in the article maybe a WB park come to the US like the one in Dubai? But the question is what would happen to the Six Flags parks I understand their contract is up in 2027-2028. But why can’t the US get an all movie styled theme park like Paramount which is now Cedar Fair, Lionsgate, Sony, Villageshow which is in Australia I think they have a park. 20th Century Fox which is now a part of Disney but base their parks on only 20th Century Fox properties.

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Village Roadshow have a number of Parks, Including Warner Bros Movie World. I still think fondly of WBMW, although after experiencing Universal Florida, I'm becoming more persuaded the comments in "Jaybangs" about it being a second rate Universal knockoff are right.

I do however morn the loss of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Alton Towers. Whoever decided to replace it with a Dungeons upcharge experiene needs to be sent up the pipe with Augustus Gloop.

The US already has Movie styled parks. Universal and Disney's whole business plan revolves around it. I can't see Warners entering the US Theme park market.

As for the article itself. To be honest, I don't believe a single word of it. An American IP themed park in the Paris region, given that DLP isn't exactly on a route to profitability? Not going to happen... Especially as not too far away is Parque Warner Madrid, and I understand Spain has been a much kinder environment for theme parks - and in Shengen Europe, Spain is just a drive or train ticket away.

March 2, 2020, 7:52 AM

From the article: "Again, we can’t stress this enough, this isn’t official and should only be considered speculation at this point."

A whole lot of speculation.

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