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March 20, 2020, 9:51 AM

This has been a crazy time here on planet Earth. And with us Theme Park fans it has been troublesome since we cannot have large gatherings. Seeing places like Disney, Universal and major sports are now closed. The local casinos (Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun) in my area are closed for the first time. And of course many schools…..

The local grocery stores in my area are opening at 6:00 am to 7:30 am for seniors only. Credit cards and banks are trying to work with folks by deferring a payment or two if needed.

I am lucky enough to where I can work from Home. My CEO just sent us an e-mail giving us an extra 80 hours of sick time if anyone needs it. I was impressed with this. She has been given us daily updates and information on our company web site.

All of this happen quite fast and we have all had to adjust quickly. And as many of you know my dislike for the current administration and lack of being prepared coupled with calling this virus a Hoax only made matters worse. (I put this in here just for Tim). Hahahahaa…I have even seen Robert Niles make food for entertainment and I enjoyed it….

We all must work together and help each other out. The other day I was checking out of a BJ’s wholesale club and I had a 4 pack of disinfectant wipes. A woman asked me where I found them. Well, I had someone put them aside for us that works happens there that we know. So, as we were leaving the store, I opened the 4 pack and gave her two of them. Something small we did to help. Any small act can help. Use takeout orders from your favorite places to help them stay in business or buy a gift card.

Stay safe my friends.

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March 20, 2020, 4:26 PM

Thanks, Brian! It's always nice to be thought of - I think.

And see, when you're not hating on the President, you're actually a nice person.

Good on you for sharing the disinfectant wipes.

March 20, 2020, 7:32 PM

Nice to see you safe Tim...

Been trying to help out where we can. My Nephew has been coming to our home everyday to do online school work since I can work remotely.

I go for a ride everyday just to get out for a few minutes. I go grab a Powerball ticket or put gas in my car. Heck I get excited to see the mailman come by.....

March 20, 2020, 10:06 PM

At this point the one thing that's become very clear is that we need to do whatever we can to contain the virus, not just for health and safety, but to try and contain the massive economic fallout this is causing.

Those of us from Orlando know that if Disney stops paying it would be the worst thing to ever happen in this community. Thousands of people (including Disney and Universal contractors) have already been furloughed and won't be able to pay their rents and mortgages even this month. Luckily Orange County has stepped up and created a rental assistance program for these people (that as of now is only good for one month).

The Orange County (California) Register reported DLR is spending $59 million paying its employees just for the short time it is planned to be closed, that is with 0 revenue coming in and tons of refunds going out. And we all know this is peanuts compared to how much its costing at WDW. Disney just issued $6 billion in bonds to try and tie things over. This is not a joke we need to do everything we can to get this under control ASAP.

March 21, 2020, 9:08 AM

Here in the UK the governments are now paying employers 80% of salaries for employees that cannot work, on the previso that they keep these people on. We're being told to expect some form of restrictions until the end of the year, but these may wax and wane. Additionally if anyone was left working in the theme/hospitality/leisure sector, unless that business an operate on a take-away or delivery basis, that business is now closed for 2 weeks. The governments seem to be doing everything it takes to avoid full lockdown - we are actually being encouraged to go out and exercise (although to keep social distancing!) and I'm of the view this is probably about right.

For me, I work for a third sector free advice charity (Citizens Advicen Bureau - all comments are my own own and not that of any past/present/future employer). Much of my outreach work takes place in Scotland's largest prison - a theme park of its own kind. Its still open to visitors, and we'll be providing our in-prison service for as long as its safe and practical to do so. Given that another prison in Scotland has 2 confirmed cases, we're shocked this hasn't changed yet. Everything that can be done at home now is.

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