Droid Depot at Home App

Edited: May 4, 2020, 9:21 AM

Like every other company around the world struggling to connect with their customers during the pandemic, Disney has been flooding the market with content to satisfy guests missing their favorite escapes. In addition to releasing Rise of Skywalker today on Disney+, May 4 (May the Fourth) also brings a piece of technology to allow guests to enjoy a piece of Galaxy's Edge at home.

The Droid Depot app not only allows guests to build a virtual droid but it also connects with a droid they built inside Galaxy's Edge. The Droid Depot creations interact inside of Galaxy's Edge using Bluetooth technology, and it appears that this new app uses similar communications to program, play games, and interact with their droid at home.

I'm not sure why it took until now for Disney to release this, because using a smart phone is a far more elegant, functional, and future-proof way to control your droid than the clunky remote you're given after building it. But, it's available now, and looks to be a lot of fun if you wondered what to do with your $100 purchase after you leave the parks.

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