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Edited: October 5, 2020, 11:03 AM

Hey all -

Was daydreaming about post-pandemic travels and began thinking about a trip to China including the Hong Kong and Shanghai Disneylands. I was wondering if any of you had planned or went on a trip like this to China before and if so what other activities you recommend. Thanks!

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October 5, 2020, 1:17 PM

NGL Hong Kong Disneyland is usually pretty slow and doesn't require much planning at all in regards to doing all the attractions, there have been times i've gone there and done every ride in the park in a few hours. I'm sure on weekends it can get busy if you go during the week during a non touristy time you won't have any issues unless you go when there is some massive post-pandemic rush on theme parks. Its also easily accessible from the metro from most anywhere in the city. A few things to note keeping in mind things can change:
*Check the refurb schedule and opening/closing times of attractions. Because the place is so slow its common for a bunch of attractions to have different hours than the parks operating hours.
*English is pretty widely spoken at HKDL and much of the rides/shows have some form of English (Jungle Cruise you even get to pick if you want to ride in Cantonese, Mandarin, or English). Although it can be annoying that they try to incorporate multiple languages on the same attractions like Iron Man for example where one character speaks Cantonese, another speaks Mandarin, and another speaks English. Don't expect all of the employees to speak it though as not all do, and also don't expect everyone in Hong Kong to speak English either. And don't try to speak to them in Mandarin or they will get real confused or pissed at you lol.

Shanghai Disneyland can get extremely busy i'd say use common sense tourist etiquette (non touristy time, weekdays, avoid holidays). There are a good number of attractions in the park though a lack of real big rides (Pirates and Tron are of course the two best, Roaring Rapids is decent its worth doing, and Soarin' is Soarin'). The property is pretty big and walking around looking at Disneytown and the hotels will take up a good amount of time. Although much of the signage is in English like at all the Disney Parks, pretty much nobody in mainland China speaks English, all of the shows and attractions are in Mandarin only and google is blocked in mainland China so you really need to research beforehand how to get around and stuff. Also scams are rampant in mainland China I would highly advise not trying to deal with taxi's, stick to the train. If you try to do taxi's I guarantee the driver will not speak English and there is a very good chance will scam you. Just like all the other international Disney Parks its easily accessible by train/metro from almost anywhere in the city.

One thing to note is both places, particularly Hong Kong, are extremely hot and humid during the summer. I'd recommend early spring or fall as the best time to go.

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