Spider man web slingers improvements.

June 7, 2021, 10:12 AM

Not gonna lie Web slingers is brilliant! It's got beautiful theming, wonderful 3d graphics however it's missing one thing. Well two things actually! The first is that Avengers campus is being over rides by spider bots! But in the transition scenes, Where are they? Except from a few in the vents, You only see them on the big screens. I hope they add more in transition scenes as it feels slightly incomplete. I did hear disney recently added some dialogue in-between the scenes and hopefully that means they will add more bots. Secondly the ride starts and ends in the same place. I mean you've just beaten spider bots, so wht are there still some there and people waiting to beat more? Probably one of chapeks marketing tactics to make you re ride it. Overall a brilliant ride though! Excited for it to come to my home park Disney Land Paris as well as the Iron man coaster!

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