Universal Orlando Resort Scavenger Hunt

June 8, 2021, 5:20 PM

Hey TPI Folks,

I’ve got a UOR trip coming up soon and I’m curious about doing a scavenger hunt for my group that I could ideally participate in. It’s been nearly a decade since I visited UOR. So, I don’t know too many details in the parks. Do y’all have any suggestions for some rather difficult scavenger hunt questions? Ideally in the format of taking a selfie with a given scavenger hunt item. Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and even city walk are fair game (no Volcano Bay, though). Please don’t give away answers in this thread as well.

As an example, here’s an abbreviated one I made for Magic Kingdom.

Take a picture with the following:
-buzz lightyear
-Gaston fountain
-sword in the stone

-piano (bonus points if you find a second or third piano)
-Snow White dancing on the ceiling

-a chess game in stalemate
-the physical book: The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
-a map with the island of Cuba on it

Would other people be interested in scavenger hunts like these? If so, I could create some scavenger hunts for other parks (WDW, SFOG, and UOR after my trip).

A while back Matt Bolick started a thread about this, but his list no longer seems accessible: https://www.themeparkinsider.com/news/response.cfm?ID=945507508

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June 8, 2021, 5:24 PM

I have a start for easy items, but I really don’t have any for medium or hard items. The easy ones so far:
-Wolverine’s claws
-a velociraptor (bonus points for each additional velociraptor)
-a snowman
-a foot the size of a car
-a trident
-a red fish
-Green Ham
-Hogwarts Express
-Dagwood’s Sandwhich
-Jurassic park Gate
-a transformer
-a really really large donut
-an alien
-a three story bus
-a minion
-a museum

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