Little unfortunate issue with DLR

Edited: July 22, 2021, 10:09 AM

Various things send me to SoCal, business, family, fun. Something opened up this summer, so a quick one day visit was scheduled. All good so far. Well, nothing in life works out as expected and despite being fully vaccinated, I caught the bug that is going around. Because of the vaccine, it is like a minor cold, but trip is gone. Now to complication. Cancellation of the DLR tickets is a nightmare. No response on the app. Phone hangs up on you. The Florida customer service is great, but they have no access to CA, so they can just give email, which says a five day response time. Maybe I flew too close to the sun, and if that is the worse thing that happens is to lose the money, then I am doing good. I kind of suspect this second wave may shut things down again.

We normally go to Florida, but I will fight anybody that for a one day visit, DL is much, much better than MK. I am not sure that what we are dealing with will be done anytime soon.

Edit: Found out what to do. You cancel the reservation on the app. The tickets are good through 2022, but the value of the purchase never expires, so it can be applied to a future visit. This works very well for me, and I consider it a fair trade off. It just took a very long time to find this out.

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July 22, 2021, 10:17 AM

Sounds like such a hassle! Only thing I can recommend is just to wait and cancel them!

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