The New Universal - J.K. Rowling\HP Experience.

August 6, 2021, 9:10 AM

(This is my- lets have some fun Friday thread, at Disney’s expense)

I have heard many rumors about this new fully immersed Harry Potter experience. Let me explain.

First you will get a room that is the exact replica of Harry’s first bedroom under the stairs at 4 Privet Drive. This in a One of a kind experience.

During your - J.K. Rowling\HP Experience you will also be to upgrade to a slightly larger room. The larger room will be a replica of Harry’s 2nd floor bedroom which was Dudley's second bedroom. This larger room comes an animatronic owl called Hedwig and bars on the windows.

During your stay at Privet Drive you will be scheduled to spend 10 minutes with the original pen (locked behind a glass case) used by JK Rowling to write the first HP novel. For an upgraded fee you will be able to hold said pen for an entire minute.

You will be served the finest meal at Three Broom Sticks that will include a Butterbeer of your choice. The meal called The Great Feast - The main course will be a combination of rotisserie smoked chicken & spareribs, corn on the cob, and roast potatoes. If you want anything else on the Menu it will be considered an upgrade charge…

Don’t worry about digesting, because after the meal you will be rushed to Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. You will go into a secret entrance straight to the front on the line. One ride per person, a second ride will require an upgrade fee…

The last and maybe best part of this adventure will include unobstructed views of the HP castle. Just imagine sitting there taking many pictures of the left side on the HP castle. Right side of the castle will require an upgrade…

All this can be yours for a small fee of $2,999.99 – a deal compared to the Disney Galactic Starcruiser hotel.

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