How much time in line is worth to You?

October 27, 2021, 5:51 PM

It was a matter of **cough** time. The Disney genie is upon us. And You Tube is going berserk mode with the ligthing lane issue. We ALL are up to our collective ears with debates ( at various levels of civility ) in sites like this about the merits or fails of the New system, comparing with the system used by six flags or universal or any other.
But in the bottom of this topic is the fact that we are dealing with perhaps the most valuable thing in life. Something that must not be squandered or ignored. TIME.
How valuable is time? Can we Even put a price to it. It is all in the eye of the beholder?? It is there any standard?
For example, the upcoming TRON coaster looks amazing, it has a exciting launcher system and You are mounted in a bike-like vehicle ( and i Even like the theme IP). But the ride is suppoused to be only about 90 seconds long.(i may be dead wrong, please correct me if necessary ) Now 90 seconds can be a very short time Indeed if You are having fun. 90 seconds can be turture in You are walking in lava hot Pebbles. How long AM I willing to be un line for TRON? 20 to 25 minutes seems reasonable to me. But as the New hit ticket in Town, 60 minutes or a Lot more are easily expected (just look at 7 dwarfs mine train as a reference, small running time, long lines ).
For the now reining champion of must do attractions, Rise of the Resistance, a wait of 45 minutes or more seems ok un the very crowded summer or holidays, since it's new, runs for about 18 to 20 minutes total, a beloved IP ( by most, not everybody - insert new trilogy sucks rant here - ) and it looks amazing. But for 2 plus hours of My life in the hot florida summer?? Maybe not ( and i love Star wars ) . So Enter the individual ligthing lane. $15 USD and You are in in 15 to 20 minutes . Yep. I Will pay for that. I work as a dog for My money . It is worth it for those one hours of My life back. To eat and share with My family. Or Another great ride. If i use 4 to 5 genie plus in a súper crowded day and going to each attraction is about 3 to 4 dollars each and i save 3 hours total. You bet is worth it.
Buts thats me and My subjective opinión.
In other circunstances, with relative low crowds ( no more low season anymore anywhere kiddo ) and a good research and a good plan, You can break the system, INVESTING ( not wasting ) your time is worth it.
So i ask. What rides are worth the time for You. What are You willing to spend?

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Edited: October 28, 2021, 12:49 PM

This is just a personal preference but I tend to stay away from lines that are over 45 mins. Seems like 45 mins is a universal average based on a lot of people I've talked to.

If I'm paying to utilize an express line type ticket, then I expect to wait no more than 25 minutes for anything. I just wish that I could know how long an express line would take before I spend 45 minutes waiting for it.

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