The Future of Theme Parks: Innovations to Pay Attention to

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Theme parks are constantly evolving to keep up with visitor expectations and technological advancements. Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) are revolutionizing the way we experience theme parks, with visitors transported to entirely new worlds and experiences. Interactive attractions provide visitors with more personalized experiences, while sustainability and environmental responsibility are becoming increasingly important for theme parks. Robotics and animatronics are creating more lifelike and interactive characters and attractions. The future of theme parks is exciting, with cutting-edge technologies creating more immersive and engaging experiences for visitors.

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I think the more technology is wedged into theme parks, the most guests will appreciate old-school experiences. Let's face it, we're surrounded by technology in every part of our lives, and while that allows for easier adoption within theme parks, there is still the draw of escapism that appeals to guests.

The rise and fall of VR in theme parks is a clear example of guests rejecting too much technology in parks. I'll also note that a lot of the attempts to integrate AR into the parks is getting mixed results. While many guests love Disney PhotoPass "Magic Shots", there are plenty of other attempts at integrating AR that have more or less fallen on deaf ears. We were just in Legoland Windsor, which had a ton of AR activations in the newer Mythica land, and we were the only people we saw taking any time to interact with the QR codes scattered throughout the area and in the ride's queue.

There's also the issue with technology advancing faster than parks can keep up with. There's nothing worse than spending a ton of money on something new only to have it become obsolete in a matter of months. I think technology will continue to play a roll in parks and on attractions, but it will continue to be a slow process as parks adopt solid, relatable technologies that are stable and can last for a reasonable amount of time (10+ years). Just look at some of the instances where parks have attempted to push technology to the bleeding edge only to eventually abandon them because of maintenance and reliability issues - the biggest one that comes to mind for me is the Dementor effect on HPFJ.

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Interactive attractions are another aspect that enhances visitor experiences. These attractions allow for more personalized interactions and make visitors feel more engaged and involved in the theme park environment. Additionally you can proceed with, sustainability and environmental responsibility have become increasingly important considerations for theme parks. Parks are now implementing eco-friendly practices and technologies to minimize their environmental impact.

Furthermore, the use of robotics and animatronics has significantly improved the realism and interactivity of characters and attractions within theme parks. Lifelike robots and animatronic figures create a more immersive and engaging atmosphere, making visitors feel like they are part of a dynamic and interactive world.

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