Better Idea for Frozen Attraction in Orlando?

Edited: September 15, 2014, 5:33 PM

Instead of placing Frozen in Norway. Instead in DHS

Here is the premise located in an Old Sound Stage guest are brought into an animation studio as an animator explains how to draw Olaf. The animator leaves the room to get a new pencil and Olaf leaps off the paper similar to the 3D elements used at Disaster at USF and he invites the guest to visit the Real Arendale. The drawing board morphs in the same process as the mirror at New Fantasyland at Enchanted Tales with Belle. Guest are welcomed into Arendale for a trackless ride through the country following the movie plot.

As you leave the ride the animator now has found his pencil and ask you to stay.

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September 17, 2014, 4:16 PM

I like it!

September 20, 2014, 1:21 PM

My idea would be like a "turtle talk with crush" but with Olaf and a Let it Go ride like the movie. In DHS in studio backlot tour or MK fantasyland

October 14, 2014, 3:41 AM

I like your idea! Here's mine:
So, with all the hubbub surrounding Frozen and it being put in EPCOT, I have developed an idea for Disney to make use of this property without putting it into a non-fiction theme park, as they are doing. INTRODUCING…Frozen!
This new park would be a layover of Blizzard Beach, and a relatively simple one. It would be even simpler to undo when Frozen’s fame wears off. It would of course have new areas, attractions, and structures, but it would be basically the same.

The park would take place at the end of the film, when Elsa melts the eternal winter. Of course, If you melt the winter, what do you get? Water. And what’s better to do with water than slide down it?!

Mt. Gushmore would get a new facade of the North Mountain from the movie. It would appear similar to the mountain below.

The castle would be far more important than the mountain. The mountain would likely be shaped more along the lines of the Matterhorn, giving it a more realistic shape. The castle would sit on top, and Summit Plummet (Frozen Free Fall) would depart from inside or at its foot. The idea of it being on a mountain would allow Disney to use forced perspective, allowing the to use less materials and save money.

The rest of the area occupied currently by the “Green Slopes” would become “Elsa’s Frozen Wonderland”. The other three slides there would remain virtually untouched, except for some added Ice Sculptures, and other Elsa-ish things. Especially an audio-animatronic of the giant snow guard (arms and face move. Squirts water and growls).

The “Purple Slopes” and “Red Slope” Areas would be remodeled as the Kingdom of Arrendale, complete with its castle (That’s right. 2 castles, one park. Best seller.). Outside the castle it would be a quaint Scandinavian village. There are “Reindeer Stables”, a character greeting spot with Kristoff and Sven. Inside the castle there would be several intricately designed rooms, allowing for the guest to feel as though they are truly in the castle. These rooms would be the line (the long one) for a meet and greet with who else but Anna and Elsa.

Those slides again would remain mostly intact. They would be renamed and have updated scenery, but otherwise they would be the same. This area could also include Wandering Oaken’s trading post as a new souvenir shop.

“Cross Country Creek” would suffer the greatest changes. The idea would be that three caves would be put on the route of the lazy river. Inside these caves would be one of three things, depending on the cave. The first option would be scenes from the movie, projected on the cave wall, most likely scenes with the songs the movie is known for. The words would be along the bottom of the screen, creating a sing along. The second would be new scenes with the lovable snowman Olaf, where, using the technology used in “Turtle Talk with Crush” Olaf would interact with guests as they float through the cave. The third would be a cave that would appear to be full of rocks, then the audio-animatronics would open, and sing and dance (minimal dancing) to “Fixer Upper” as well as talk to each other, possibly about the guests.

“Ski Patrol training camp” would be renamed “Sled Patrol training camp”. It was opened by, owned by, and operated by Kristoff. He is taking a day off, but there are still lots of friendly cast members to help you become part of his sled patrol.

Tike’s Peak would stay the same, with the addition of some Frozen themed statues. It is full of (Not So) Frozen Fun for Olaf sized kiddies.

But, what about Olaf? Where is his land of Summer? Why, the Winter Summerland Miniature Golf course (of course)! This course already provides Snow and Sand options, and with some Olaf statues here and there, It could be a perfect home for the summer-loving Snowman.

As you can see, there is an alternative to include this property other than EPCOT, and ways that are much less controversial. This new water park would allow for Disney to make money off Frozen in their theme parks, and remodel an out of date park. So, what’s stopping us?

October 14, 2014, 8:02 AM

It seems like anytime someone doesn't like a movie-based attraction in the parks (particularly Epcot and Animal Kingdom and sometimes Magic Kingdom), the default is put it in DHS. The error with this is DHS is the smallest park of them all. If we put every movie based attraction there, DHS will have to double in size. Can you imagine DHS getting Frozen, Avatar, Star Wars, Carsland?

All these unrelated movies will make DHS into a mashup park. They clearly don't belong together. DHS clearly has a more defined personality. Tower of Terror, Rock N Rollercoaster, and The Great Movie Ride focuses on Hollywood fame and glamour. The other shows are stunt shows or movie narratives that seems to fit the focus on Hollywood. Toy Story and Star Wars are clearly not fitting the nature of DHS. They are outliers. Muppets also don't add much to Hollywood, but its movies seem to use the conceit of Hollywood celebrities interacting with the Muppet characters. I can't say they are particularly successful with that.

Let the park be about Hollywood. I recommend that build out some distinct sections like the streets around the world with attractions contained within.

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