Crack in North Carolina roller coaster was seen about six to 10 days before the ride was shut down

July 11, 2023, 6:15 PM

A crack in a roller coaster's support beam was visible as many as 10 days before a viral video showing the damaged beam prompted officials to shut down the ride at Carowinds in North Carolina on June 30. Officials say the crack in the Fury 325 coaster was evident six to 10 days prior to that viral video being taken – yet the ride remained open. In a statement on June 30, park officials said that the maintenance team was “conducting a thorough inspection and the ride will remain closed until repairs have been completed.” In a new statement from July 6, provided to CBS News on Monday, park officials said the ride’s manufacturer, Bolliger & Mabillard Consulting Engineers Inc., had been inspecting it since July 1. They said Carowinds was working closely with the manufacturers and planned to “remove and replace the existing support column.”

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