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December 15, 2023, 10:10 PM

My family and I always stay on-site in WDW. We love being "part of the magic" 24/7. We have not stayed on site on our trips to Disneyland. We also typically pay somewhere in the $150/$250 range per night for a hotel at Disneyland.

We are trying to put together a last-minute trip to Disneyland for early January, and I'm looking for something that would make it feel extra-special, particularly for my wife. I was thinking of maybe staying at one of the Disney Hotels.

At the moment though, Grand Californian is listing at $800+ per night, Disneyland Hotel around $550, and Paradise Pier sold out. And to be honest, Disneyland Hotel would likely be our 3rd choice of these hotels (not newer like Grand Californian, not fun/whimsy like Paradise Pier).

This is likely to be a long weekend trip, so we're probably talking 2 nights at a hotel in Anaheim.


- Any advice on trying to get a Paradise Pier room ? Has anyone been able to find success with Anaheim Disney hotels by calling every day or other techniques to find a room when things seem fully booked ??

- Any strong opinions on the Disneyland hotel, and whether $300+ extra per night would be worth it for a "special" experience ??

- And for that matter, opinions on whether Paradise Pier would be worth it at a price that is likely to be way above what we would typically pay ??

All opinions appreciated and thanks very much!!

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Edited: December 17, 2023, 6:49 PM

My family stayed at Disneyland Hotel for March visit and yes, it is great with the awesome pool area and can't beat being within walking distance of the parks. Plus, I loved the photo boards of the hotel's history and the rooms are fantastic. We stayed at Frontier building with awesome model of Big Thunder Mountain in lobby to enjoy.

Downsides besides cost: Besides the Terrace, not much in on-site dining (granted you can walk right to Downtown Disney), rooms scarcer in cooking materials and can be busy.

I think it matters most if you want the "Disney feel" when you come back like in WDW and the Disneyland Hotel is great for that. Still, benefit of Disneyland is scores of hotels so much closer to parks, even a few walking distance so up to you but I would recommend Disneyland Hotel for a visit to keep to the Disney vibe when you get back.

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