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October 12, 2014, 6:37 AM

I visited USJ on Tuesday, October 7th specifically to visit WWOHP. I planned to get to the park by 9:00 am, which was one hour before the 10:00 am general park opening to get a Universal Express (UE) pass before it sold out. A tip when ordering the pass. The ticket agent will give you the option of buying a pass. Just point to the type of pass you want and hold up the number of fingers equal to how many passes you want. I accidentally ordered 5 passes for one person because I tried to confirm the pass type (UE5) by holding up 5 fingers. Don't worry -- you'll know if you got the right pass because the ticket agent spiel includes pointing out your ride/show options based on the type of pass. They also explain your WWOHP timed entry. I got 2:40 pm to enter WWOHP and 3:00 PM to ride Forbidden Journey. This meant I had 5 hours to kill. Note that only season pass holders can re-enter the park. I've been to USJ several times so I was debating whether to go somewhere else and come back. I decided to enter the park knowing that I might have a struggle killing time. A benefit and curse of WWOHP is that it sucks lines away in the morning during the mad rush to get timed entry tickets. I was recovering from a cold so I wanted to make sure I was in good condition to experience WWOHP. So I got on a couple of rides with no wait and then ended up circling the park like a mad man checking the board to see how long wait times were to decide when to burn my passes. Even with all the pacing, I ended up with 2 hours to spare. When my timed entry window came, I was intent on getting in there, riding Forbidden Journey, downing a butter beer, and getting out. The wait was worth it. I felt like I walked onto a movie set. It was much too crowded to go into the shops, but the details on the buildings and street scape were incredible. Even the restroom was detailed and had sound effects (Myrtle is that you?). Forbidden Journey was all right. It felt like Haunted Mansion, Spiderman and Indiana Jones stuck together. A curse of UE is that I didn't have time to look at the rooms in the queue because many of my fellow expressers were intent on getting to the ride, but what I was able to see was amazing. I had visions of enjoying butter beer. So avoiding the queues on the street, I ducked into the Three Broomsticks. Like its Orlando counterpart, going to the bar in the back gets you a butter beer fast. Not many people in USJ know about the tip except a very small group of Japanese Potter fans decked out in their Hogwarts robes. Alas, it wasn't as good as I was expecting (blasphemy). Sad to say, I was tired and missed seeing the black lake. My eyes were focused on Hogwarts so I didn't think to look at the lake. I look forward to returning and getting a better look around.

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October 12, 2014, 9:14 AM

Butterbeer isn't too great in my opinion either. Glad you enjoyed your ride.

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