Thoughts on a "Villains-Land"

February 18, 2014, 12:44 PM

So it's no surprise that a big refurb is coming to DHS. While Star Wars is almost a given at this point, I would prefer something else. Now people have talked about an area for Disney villains, but I thing that's a really good idea. If people want more thrill rides at the park, I think the villain theming would be amazing. A big e-ticket ride would be "Night on Bald Mountain " themed coaster, Just want to know what you would think of a villains area.

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February 18, 2014, 5:19 PM

Im intriegued

Edited: February 18, 2014, 7:31 PM

I think a Villains Land at DHS could be an amazing addition. No need to abandon Star Wars Land, that area will obviously be built out over by the current Star Tours/Star Wars area once the parking lot entrances get re-routed allowing for that huge parcel of land to open up for expansion.

I think a great area would be in the other corner of the park where Catastrophe Canyon and Lights Motor Action currently reside. Between both attractions there's a pretty sizable amount of real estate that would allow for a "Night on Bald Mountain" coaster as well as other secondary attractions and food options. If the "Friday the 13th" promotion proved anything, it's that the Disney Villains franchise is hugely popular, certainly more so than Disney seems to have anticipated as it related to that promotion. It seems to make good business sense to finally give them a dedicated land in the park that lends itself best to being edgy at WDW. This would also finally allow WDW to offer a second Halloween event in October which could be a little less soft and cuddly, perhaps actually offer up a few cheap scares, but still have all that Disney charm. It's definitely something I would love to see them attempt, and with the huge build out of Fantasy land in MK probably spelling the end of a Villains Land at that park, I think DHS is the next best option and would greatly benefit from the addition.

Just think, Star Wars Land, Pixar Place and a Villains Land all built out with incredible attractions, dining options, character interactions, live shows and high level theming, that would be incredible. This in a park that also features Tower of Terror, RNRoller Coaster, The Great Movie Ride, Fantasmic and has full access to all Disney characters as well as Jim Henson's Muppets. DHS really could be THE WDW park to go to for the best all day experience one day. A true challenger to the Universal parks for families that have tweener thrill seekers not looking to trade pins anymore. If they ever manage to get those Marvel characters inside the gates one day, it's a wrap, this park would be my geek heaven.

February 19, 2014, 8:35 AM

Sounds like a great idea to me Joey, along with Star Wars. I am just intrigued though as to why Disney seems to be taking so long to develop new projects. Universal seems to be able to bang them out in a year-18 months, Disney 3 or 4 years for Avatar, longer pondering over Star Wars, nothing at Epcot!!!

February 19, 2014, 5:28 PM

Based on the response from that event in Oct.(where traffic was backed up from folks trying to get into that villain party)

I'd say there's a large group of people who'd really like it!

February 20, 2014, 2:59 PM

This is the kind of idea I would put a lot of investment in.
A Villains Land would touch a darker side of Disney which I believe Disney needs to keep ahead of Universal

February 24, 2014, 8:31 AM

I love the idea of a Villans-Land but I think it would fit better at Magic Kingdom as a darker area where the villans were banished to and the hero's avoid. That said, I'm not 100% sure the logistics would allow it without closing something a lot of people are fond of.

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