Ate at antojitos on Saturday

February 24, 2014, 8:15 AM

I ate there on Saturday at the upstairs portion of the restaurant as downstairs had a 90 minute wait and upstairs was only 20. While we had some major issues with slow service (nothing that couldn't have been eliminated with a quick word from the waiter) the food was nothing short of AMAZING!

I had the Pollo en Mole and this is the best example I've ever had of a real Mexican chocolate mole. My wife and friend got the Mexican paella, which was delicious, though it was missing the crunchy almost overcooked pieces of rice a traditional paella offers when served traditionally in the cooking dish. Another friend got the skirt steak which was cooked to order and was very tasty, but not outstanding.

The major issue was the table-side guacamole, which took almost 30 minutes to get to us (for an appetizer course) we were all starving and ended up almost filling up on the free chips and salsa before it even got to us. If the waiter had just told us it would be a significant wait, we would have been satisfied instead of wondering if we were forgotten about. Once we got the guac, it was actually really good and almost worth the $15, I kind of wish they had an option for kitchen made guac that is prepared without the show and delivered to the table on nights when it is busy (as it was)

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