Star Trek at Universal?

February 26, 2015, 2:42 AM

Alright I know this is just rumor but a TPI commenter said in earlier post that Universal has the rights to use Star Trek in its theme parks as an ip. Can you say Star Trek Experience updated. With the creation of the Harry phenom and Simpson Land the level of immersion that Universal is now putting out at break neck speed is unimaginable. With the creative team and the history, the ip could be fantastic. I'm not saying that Star Wars rumors at Disney Studios is equally exciting but to have both in Orlando is mind blowing. I just hope it all happens.

I was in Las Vegas when Star Trek The Experience was running and enjoyed the immersion of creating not just a ride but adding real character actors, a restaurant and bar, a mueseum, and drinks and food themed to Star Trek. It closed because of higher ups mishandling of a good thing. It was ahead of its time and still would draw an unbelievable crowd today at Universal and that was before the reboot of JJ Ahbrams. I can't even fathom how big this could be....

Now we already know(rumor) that Star Wars will be going in Disney Studios someday, hopefully sooner than later but I'm thinking around 2018 - 2019. Where would you put a hugely successful ip as Star Trek at universal? What would you demolish for Star Trek. Would this be in the fabled third gate? This by no means goes into the Tornado building, it's too big of an ip. If Universal can pull a immersion ip of Star Trek like they have been doing, then my family is going to orlando theme parks for three weeks. Anyone else pumped and I'm praying that these things come true but rumors have to start somewhere.

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Edited: February 26, 2015, 5:10 AM

IIRC Paramount's London project was to include a Star Fleet Academy... If Paramount are serious about getting back into the Theme Park Business (They used to own parks in the US), then I'd expect to see it appear in their future parks.

I wouldn't compare the Trek and Wars franchises like that. At the risk of being shouted at by the respective fans, "Wars" is a less "Serious" Sci Fi, more accessable to families and younger fans, whereas Trek is more "Serious" in its claims to Science... So I wouldnt expect Universal to look at Trek as a tit-for-tat counterpoint to Star Wars - they've got plenty of other options open for that.

(Not saying that either franchise is "better" than the other... Especially when Babylon 5 blows both away :P )

February 27, 2015, 12:48 PM

Reports that Leonard Nimoy (Spock) passed away.

February 27, 2015, 2:57 PM

Live long and prosper, Spock.

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