New rides at Knotts' Camp Snoopy to be for entire family

March 5, 2014, 11:19 PM

According to an article in today's Los Angeles Times (,0,2499352.story), the three new rides coming to the Camp Snoopy section of Knott's Berry Farm will have "modest" minimum height requirements and no maximum height, so families with children will be able to ride together on the new rides.

The article says that the three rides being taken out (not including Joe Cool's Gr8 Sk8) have relatively low maximum height limits, so that parents would not be able to ride them with their children, implying that the park is trying to make the rides in Camp Snoopy more accessible for entire families and not just for young children.

From the L.A. Times article: "While you might find the new collection of family rides at any county fair or church carnival, Knott's will be integrating a great deal of Peanuts theming and storytelling into the attractions in an effort to better compete with neighboring Disneyland."

FYI, Robert Niles' favorite ride in Camp Snoopy, the kid-powered Huff 'n' Puff, will not be removed during the refurbishment.

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