Magic Kingdom 8-9am Extra Magic Hour to meet princesses?

Edited: March 11, 2015, 10:28 AM


On our first day at MK, we have EMH 8-9am

Just wondering can we meet the Disney princesses in that time? Are they available for meet and greet during morning EMH? Or we have to wait for the normal park opening hour which is 9:00am?

I know that for Anna and Elsa the rope walk at opening goes around the carousel and then you pretty much queue up.

Now since we're already inside the park can we make it to the carousel and wait in queue say @ 8:45?

Is this possible/allowed?

We were going to do Seven Dwarf's ride the very first (and if possible do the Peter Pan as the 2nd one) and then line up for Anna and Elsa and Cinderella etc..

Do you think that we'll be able to achieve this?

We have a breakfast at Akershus, Cinderella is probably not a must do for us.

Anna and Elsa well, if we can comfortably do it then great otherwise quite happy to give it a pass!

Any suggestion please?

BTW it will be 2adults and 2children (4 -G, 11-B)

Thanks for your time.

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