Six Flags Magic Mountain Strategy?

March 19, 2015, 2:07 PM

So what is the current best touring strategy for Six Flags Magic Mountain for a Sunday during Spring Break? Not sure the SOCAL vacation schedule but I'll be there on Apr 5. Planning to get to the lot no later than 10 (opens at 10:30) not a huge X2 fan as when I rode it, it totally hurt my calves really bad.

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Edited: March 19, 2015, 10:51 PM

You'll be going on Easter Sunday, which is right in the middle of Southern California's Spring Break season. Since it is a holiday, the park may be slightly less busy on that day, but it is still going to be very crowded. Expect lines of an hour or more for the major coasters. I would recommend getting to the parking lot by 9:45 (9:30 would be ideal) so that you are actually at the gate by 10:00.

As for a touring plan, I usually start at Full Throttle and then go counter-clockwise around the park, stopping at all the high priority attractions along the way. After completing the first lap, I usually go back around in the opposite direction for re-rides and low priority attractions. On a moderately crowded day, you can often get all the way to Tatsu before encountering significant crowds, but on a busier day you may run into lines at Apocalypse or Riddler's Revenge (or possibly even Goliath if Full Throttle takes more than 30 minutes). The park's hours are long enough that you should be able to do every high priority attraction once (especially since you don't have much interest in X2), but you will not likely have time for re-rides or many low priority attractions. If you want to be sure to ride everything or want to do several re-rides, I suggest purchasing a Flash Pass (if you do this, ride Full Throttle before getting your pass as it is not included).

Your list might be slightly different, but for me the high priority attractions at the park are:

-Apocalypse the Ride
-Batman The Ride
-Full Throttle
-Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom
-Riddler's Revenge
-Superman: Escape from Krypton

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