Why Jurassic Park at Universal Studios Hollywood gets you so wet during the summer

Edited: April 12, 2015, 6:05 PM

When you ride Jurassic Park at Universal Studios Hollywood during the summer, you get absolutely drenched. Even if you sit in the middle of the boat no part of your body will be dry. However, during the winter, you get sprayed by a little bit of water. Why is this so? Some people say that it is because of the water that shoots up during the summer, but that is only part of it. In order to understand how you get so wet, I'll explain how water rides work. In most water rides, you are in the water being pushed forward by jets. However, you can't go down drops just using this method. Drops require you to go down a ramp. In order to go down steep drops, there must be wheels on the side of vehicles to hold the vehicle in place so that it doesn't fly off the ramp. After the drop, the vehicle goes back into the water and is splashed. At Jurassic Park during the summer, this happens. The large boat hits the water hard and the riders get soaked. However, during winter, instead of hitting the water, the boat stays on the track. After the boat stops, the boat is dropped on the water. Because it is only on a track, you only get sprinkled by the water because of when the boat scrapes the surface of the water.

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April 17, 2015, 9:54 PM

That's really interesting. I always thought they had lowered the level of water in the winter. Is it the same for Dudley Do-Right's or Splash Mountain, too?

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