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April 14, 2015, 1:16 AM

Hey there folks, another EPCOT thread. Spectacular, I know. ;)

I've already heard of a handful of great things to grab to eat in the World Showcase, but I was hoping to hear some anecdotes and suggestions from you wonderful folks here at TPI. I was hoping to take my friends country hopping and grabbing food and drinks as we went.

So, anyone want to throw in their two cents?

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It is an older TPI post, and probably a bit out of date, but you can get some ideas from this "Your Favorite Foods" discussion thread.

April 14, 2015, 1:18 PM

Thanks, James. I appreciate the link. :)

April 17, 2015, 9:51 PM

Are you looking for full service, or counter service? Anyway, if you are in Canada and you either are eating at Le Cellier, or attending the food and wine festival, my suggestions would be the Cheddar Cheese Soup and the Wild Mushroom Filet. Unless they do something different this year, you can only get my favorite Canadian beers inside Le Cellier, and they are Unibroue beers, Maudite or La Fin Du Monde. I love different kinds of beer, but these, hands down, are 2 of my favorites. I understand there is a new beer stand that sells 3 different Unibroue beers, but neither of the ones that I listed above. The ones they sell are Trois Pistolles, Bl (definitely the best of these choices, as I have had all of them), Blonde de Chamblay (probably the most rare, and to me the least favorite, and Ephemere (also not a favorite). Tried all of the Unibroue beers that our local World of Beer had, and those 5 were there.

Next stop into the Rose and Crown at the UK pavilion. There is a full bar, with brews from around the United Kingdom. They have Stella, Bass, New Castle, Boddingtons, and Guinness to name a few. Ciders can also be found. They have fine Scotchs, if you like those. I recommend the cheese plate and the Fish and Chips (get the fish and chips next door at the counter service--- less expensive, but just as good).
In the back of the France Pavilion is a little bakery Le Boungerie Patissiere, that serves quiches, sandwiches and of course amazing pastries. There is also an ice cream shop where you can get a ice cream topped with a choice of liqueur. If you are dining in Chefs du France, the macaroni and cheese is amazing. Next around the world is Morocco. I am not normally a lover of Moroccan food, but I have been to the restaurant located in the back of the pavilion, and their kabobs are very tasty. I also like their Orange Coffee inside the Tangerine Cafe. Honestly, the mixed drinks in Morocco leave a lot to be desired. Stick to the beer or the sangria... it was tasty.

Ah, Japan.... there is a very nice little counter service restaurant, Katsura Grill up on the hill, with very good food at reasonable (for Disney theme parks) food. On your way there, you will see a free standing small building with delicious saki and Japanese beer called Kabuki Cafe. My favorite is a sparkling saki called Haiwaka (or something like that)... it is poured from a small pink bottle. During Food and Wine and Flower and Garden, their stand along the water across from the pavilion has fruit sushi, called frushi.... delicious!!!

The United States... there is a new little pavilion where the camera shop used to be that sells craft beers- there is a huge selection, but what they have is pretty good. If you are more into the traditional American brews, or perhaps a Jack Daniel's Frozen Lemonade, keep walking and it will be to the right across from the stage called the Fife and Drum Tavern.

Italy- make sure to check out the new little place that opened up between Tutto Italia and Via Napoli called Tutto Gusto... it is basically a wine cellar. It is first come, first served and has a nice little menu and very nice Italian wine. It has a nice atmosphere and is a great place to duck in during the heat of the day. The Italian Margarita is very good, as well. If beer is your thing, and you aren't sure what you want, why not order a flight? There is a Gelato stand, if dessert is on your mind, and also a wine shop. My favorite is Rosa Regale, but they also serve Bellini's, Italian Sangria and of course, Chianti.

If German food is your thing, you can get a Bratwurst or Frankfurter at Sommerfest, or if you are craving a full meal, there is the buffet at Biergarten, which features an Oompah band. If shnapps are your thing, you can get a Jagermeister or a Barentsen Apfel. At the Trinken Cart, you can get Hovels, Altenmunster Octoberfest or Selbach Reisling.
Enjoy a Safari Amber at the Africa Cool Post.

In China, your first cart is The Joy of Tea, which features Strawberry Oolong and Mango Green Tea Slushes, Mango Gingerita,Cantoloopy (which is exactly what is says... vodka with cantaloupe juice), Peach Snap, Green Tea Plum Slush,Tsung Tao Beer and Plun Wine. You can also get a sampler platter called the Lucky Combo, which has Pork Bun, Chicken Pocket and Egg Roll and either an ice cream or soft drink. The strongest drink is the Tipsy Ducks in Love... yep, I had to get it... couldn't pass up the name! It's creamy cold tea and coffee blended with bourbon and chocolate. You definitely taste the bourbon, but I like bourbon, so that was fine with me.

Norway has a drink cart near the front of the pavilion. It is the 1st place you can get a Bud Light, coming from the Mexico side of the pavilion, so my husband always has to stop there if we are walking that way. He's kind of boring that way. Anyway, other offerings include Carlsburg Beer, Wine and an Aquavit Glacier Shot.... those are amazing, and if you are feeling a bit full from eating or drinking, this is just the thing. Norwegians use it to settle their stomachs... and it works! For some of the most amazing pastries and sandwiches, visit Kringla Bakery. You can also get Carlberg and Aquavit here. If you are interested in purchasing Aquavit or other wines, you may do so in the Norwegian Store. The bottle of Aquavit runs about $40/bottle, so if you are going to be doing shots, that is the cheapest way to go.

Another favorite pavilion is Mexico. There is a cart selling frozen Margaritas near the Norway pavilion, but the best place to go is La Cava inside the pavilion. When you go in, head to your right and La Cava is at the bottom of the right hand side ramp. There is limited seating, but you can stand in line and order from the bar, to go. In here you can get many varieties of Margaritas, such as traditional, of course, Avocado (which is actually very good and refreshing), Blood Orange, Wild Passionfruit, Pineapple, Pomogranate, Coffee Mezcal Margarita (another of my favorites), Jalapeno, Cucumber (very refreshing) and Harache. You can also order shots from the many, many types of tequila. Tequila flights are also offered. Our favorite on the menu is the amazing guacamole dip! This is another great place to get out of the heat. Just know, if you need to use the restroom, you will need to use the one inside the San Angel Inn Restaurant. Speaking of food, my favorite on the San Angel Inn menu is the Carne Asada and my husband likes the Mole Problemo. My favorite food, however is across the path at Hacienda de San Angel. Favorites there include the 2 menu choices on the Prix Fixe Menu, which are: Parrillado de Hacienda and Parrillado de Mar. Other favorite entrees include: Pollo al Pastor and Pescado a la Talla. The best desserts are Empanada de Manzana and Mousse de Chocolate.

If you are looking for a domestic beer, there are several stands in Future World that sells them, and of course in most of the restaurants. Electric Umbrella no longer sells beer inside, but they have placed a cart outside across from the pin trading shop. Also, if you get there and need breakfast, either Seasons, iin the lower section of The Land, or STarbucks do serve it. Also, for probably the best choice of counter service food, Seasons is a great choice.
Hope that helps!

April 20, 2015, 2:31 PM

Exactly what I was hoping to see! Thank you, Michelle! You are the best!

April 20, 2015, 4:26 PM

Hi Eric. Here is the Murphy Family Breakdown of eats!

Mexico: We like the Haceenda resturant a bit better than the "inside" place. We feel it is much livelier and has better drink selections. Its one of our favorites! The Cava de Tequila inside is also very nice...if you are into that!

Norway: We actually usually skip eating and drinking here. The school bread, however, is a nice snack! It is like a coconut cake.

China: While many dislike Nine Dragons, we feel that it is really good! Shout out to the Red Vanilla Bean Ice Cream here! You can get that at the lotus cafe.

Germany: Get the Beer! The restaurant is actually pretty good too with awesome sausages and super good chicken soup! I am from Chicago so I can vouch for the SAAAUUUSAGE.

Italy: We love Via Napoli! The pizza there is worth every penny! The Wine Bar is super nice too! We tend to stay way from Tutto Italiano.

Japan: The main restaurant is very good here! I would also recommend checking out the store for some good and unusual snacks (freeze dried shrimp?)

The American Adventure: We usually skip the eats here, but they usually have a pretty strong Sam Adams beer list, especially some of the more uncommon flavors.

Morocco: This is one of the hidden gems of EPCOT. The food is really good! I recommend the swaharma from the Tangerine Cafe. Its like a gyro! They also have mint iced tea which is a different and tasty non alcoholic option!

France: French food is always good, but they really excel on the pastries and the ham and cheese sandwiches....mmmmmmmm

UK: My family actually doesn't like the food in the UK either. Fish and Chips are alright, but Rose and Crown does not have a menu that excites us! Beer is clearly flowing and fantastic here.

Canada: Food in Canada is super good, but super expensive. I really feel that the steaks are nothing to write home about, but the soup and pretzel breadsticks are some of the best dishes in all of Disney World!

So, to recap what I would recommend in each place (non Food and Wine time):

Mexico: Taco and Margarita
Norway: School Bread
China: Red Bean Vanilla Ice Cream
Germany: Brat and Beer
Italy: Pizza and Italian Beer (La Rosa)
Japan: Wasabi Peas
USA: Sam Adams Beer
Morocco: Swaharma and Mint Tea
France: Ham and Cheese Sandwich
UK: Beer
Canada: Cheese Soup and Breadsticks

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