Theme Park Travel Groups Anyone?

April 16, 2015, 1:30 PM

As I am getting older, it seems harder and harder to find people in my community who wish to partake in theme parks with the same vigor and I have. Perhaps it's because they have outgrown them, or their bodies can no longer take the abuse. Maybe it's because I was a thespian in my high school and college days and my appreciation for themed places are more heightened than for those who may not have been involved in the arts. Whatever the cause, it seems impossible for me to think that there are very few (if any) groups that offer to meet to check out all of the theme parks in our area. Robert (Niles) mentioned there may be groups on Facebook who meet. When I conducted a search, I found a couple of groups, but there was no definitive group that covers them all.

Dear community, is there anybody who knows of (or might even like to start) a theme park community that meets to explores all of the theme parks in the Southern California area including the following (in no particular order):

- Universal Studios Hollywood
- Knott's Berry Farm
- Six Flags Magic Mountain
- Disneyland
- Raging Waters
- Any others you can think of

I eagerly await your feedback!

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