Submission for best replacement and what to bring back at Disneyland In 60 years for best!

April 25, 2015, 2:51 PM

Hi! Here is a suggestions thought for 60th anniversary for Disneyland Park.
1. DINOSAUR (new ride for Tomorrowland) to replace Disneyland INNOVENTIONS and since Disneyland closed Innoventions in Tomorrowland attraction in Disneyland Park in California Anaheim and so DINOSAUR is best way to replacement from INNOVENTIONS to reopen the ride as exactlt same type scenes, rides that happened at Walt Disney World in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park in Florida was opened and so it is time for DINOSAUR ride to reopen to replace at INNOVENTIONS this year at Disneyland.

2. SPLASH MOUNTAIN is best to change to REPLACE bring back "THE COUNTRY BEARS SHOW" this year 2015 announce it to make permanently close SPLASH MOUNTAIN forever to make way for original THE COUNTRY BEARS SHOW to be replacing back to Critter Country into BEAR COUNTRY again in return at Disneyland Park.

Because I don't really like Splash Mountain at all, it was unsafety issue with no seatbelts, no safety bars and this log flume ride really bothers me and my a lot of my friends, and co-workers and my parents, and that's why we are sick and tired of Splash Mountain and we really wanted Splash Mountain to remove it and replace something like to bring THE COUNTRY BEARS Show in this time for new replacement for The Country Bears Jamboree show to new replacement from Splash Mountain!!!
So Splash Mountain is better way to be taken down forever!!! We're sick of Splash Mountain and so long time Country Bears show to replace Splash Mountain into make way for new return for the Country Bears show?


4. BRING BACK "CAPTAIN EO" at Disneyland Park at Tomorrowland Theater as best Magic Eye Theater with same 3D/4D glasses, best digital laser-cycle effects, wind effects and ride fun bouncing seats with floors movement with the best attraction original special effects version of Return of the CAPTAIN EO starring Michael Jackson as best musical numbers, dancing and space adventure and best attraction that I wanted Disneyland to bring CAPTAIN EO back at Disneyland and have remain Captain EO forever at Disneyland into the best longest attraction at all time the way it should be that I always love and support Captain EO. (Instead of as “Captain EO TRIBUTE”, just original title as “CAPTAIN EO”) (as still same special effects in 2010 version ride to restored without the word TRIBUTE but just CAPTAIN EO instead, right after sneak preview Tomorrowland film is done and permanently bring CAPTAIN EO and keep Captain EO into magic eye theater forever in Tomorrowland in Disneyland Park this year 2015 and forever always remain CAPTAIN EO forever!!!
Because I don't like other movies or sneak previews that I never accept to go BUT except Captain EO is the only part that I always attend at Disneyland the most than others.

These are all 3 ideas of best thoughts for regarding and inquiries for Disneyland Park in best new 60th anniversary to have this new celebrating to be inspire these?

Jeffrey Baek

+1 (949) 422-0750

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April 25, 2015, 3:28 PM

1. I've always wondered why Disneyland never had a dinosaur ride. Dinosaurs sell a ton of merchandise, something Disney World and both Universal parks realized. While it doesn't have to be a carbon copy of the ride at Animal Kingdom due to the similarities to Indiana Jones, there should be something.

2. While the Magic Kingdom version of Splash Mountain is superior to the Disneyland one, I would still rather see that there than Country Bear Jamboree. I would veto a hundred times the blasphemous idea of replacing my favorite ride with a Chuck E Cheese knockoff.

4(3). Captain EO is beyond dated. When I saw it for the first (and only) time, I couldn't wait to leave the theatre. Wall-E or Big Hero 6 would be much finer replacements, but since the rise of 3D movies throughout the nation has pretty much diminished the appeal of these type of attractions, it might be better to do with an actual ride.

Edited: April 26, 2015, 3:50 PM

Log flumes and river rides around the world operate without any restraint, safely.

Given that its just a drop with water breaking, no High G manovers, no ability to be thrown "Up", I cant see any situation where its neccessary. I'd go as far as to say that not riding it for not having suprflous safety gear is an irrational fear.

Remember these are huge companies who fear big personal injury lawsuits - Not only does it require an immediate payout, people are turned off visiting the park. If it wasn't safe, you wouldnt be allowed on it.

Replacing a highly popular ride (dare I say Landmark) with a mediocre show would just be insanity.

April 26, 2015, 7:10 PM

I agree with everything James said. My guess is someday the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom will be redone to Pixar's The Good Dinosaur. Maybe someday a Dinosaur ride will come to Disneyland, but not the current Animal Kingdom version, and not in Tomorrowland. It totally goes against the theme.

Log Flumes are very safe. Besides an occasional mechanical error, they're very safe, and most accidents have been from people standing. Splash Mountain is a very popular ride, that is safe, so it's not going away.

We are less than a month from the anniversary celebration starting, all the refurbishments and other work is being finished. I don't expect them to close anything this close to summer or in such short time.

One more thing. Always re-read before posting. Avoid being too repetitive, and make sure sure its easy to understand. Commas, periods, and other punctuation also help with that. I hope you don't take my comment the wrong way. Glad to hear your perspective, even if I don't agree with it.

April 26, 2015, 11:09 PM

Okay, even if we weren't talking about doing these for the 60th anniversary none of these have a hope of ever happening.

1. Dinosaur is too old to be dropped into Disneyland as a new attraction. While I could see a dark ride involving time travel added to Tomorrowland, it won't be a copy of that ride. Realistically, however, I'm betting we'll see Innoventions replaced with a Marvel or Star Wars attraction (or something else based on a modern Disney franchise).

2. No, no, no, no, no. Splash Mountain is one of the top five most popular attractions at Disneyland. While it may be rethemed if Song of the South becomes too irrelevant, I don't see the ride ever disappearing completely. Numerous log flumes operate around the country, many without any type of safety restraint, and incidents are very rare, so there isn't really a safety issue with this attraction. Country Bear Jamboree was removed because it was no longer popular, and I can almost guarantee that removing a headliner to resurrect a low popularity attraction would probably result in an attendance drop for the park. Splash Mountain may not be your thing, and that is perfectly fine, but you are in the vast minority on this one.

3. While Captain EO is the best film I've seen in that theater, Disney brought it back and it wasn't all that popular with modern audiences. I do think we'll see a new movie put in there based on one of Disney's current film franchises, and regardless of quality that will likely be a much bigger draw. The chances of ever seeing Captain EO at Disneyland again are slim to none.

April 27, 2015, 7:52 AM

The 60th anniversary is this summer so nothing new is happening. All the stuff Disney is doing for that is pretty much done and has been discussed.

April 27, 2015, 8:46 AM

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that restraint-less river rides/log flumes are safe.

If we look at it from an inertia point of view, the only point where there is a massive sudden G change is at the bottom of a drop

During that event Inertia will be pusing you in the same direction as the drop, that is to say forward and down.

Although forward on its own might be an issue , the fact that a lot of the forces are down means you are being pushed onto the floor of the boat, rather than out of the boat.

This wouldbe different from a coaster where you're reaching the peak of a hill or a turn at speed, where inertia might fling you out.

Anyone who's more physics-inclined than me able to back this up?

April 27, 2015, 11:17 AM

The 60th is almost here. There could still be time for the 70th.

People Mover plus Rocket Jets platform. They must either remove them entirely or put the original attractions back. There is absolutely no excuse for not having attractions there. I recommend they install advanced electric powered vehicles that are self propelled. The original infrastructure was ripped out, but the Rocket Rods track is still there.

I suspect demolishing them will cause collateral damage so maybe they should do it with intent of remaking Tomorrowland into the movie version with a George Clooney animatronic in a bathtub. Wouldn't that be fun? Did they have a bathtub scene in the original Carousel of Progress attraction?

The entire Tomorrowland is lacking kinetic energy so it needs more visual stimuli. They should have evening DJ parties there with strobe and mirror balls.

Captain EO should never return, but what if they put MJ's projected image on Tomorrowland's structures in a light show. That would be most interesting.

April 27, 2015, 3:00 PM

Chad, you're pretty much correct. To get technical, there are two primary forces that influence a rider on a ride: weight (the force of gravity) and normal force (the force felt by the rider). Weight is a constant force, so no matter where you are the force will always be directed downward. Normal force is perpendicular to the seat, so the orientation of this force will change throughout the attraction. When the normal force is equivalent to the weight, riders are experiencing normal weight. When the normal force is zero, riders are experiencing weightless (aka floater airtime). As long as there is a normal force, riders are experiencing positive g forces and if they are sufficiently strong, riders will not be ejected from the vehicle.

For fun, let's examine the drop on Splash Mountain. Since log flume drops can be approximated as a ramp, we'll model it as an object sliding down a 45 degree ramp with negligible friction. The force of gravity is directly vertically downward and the normal force is directed perpendicular to the drop. Using trigonometry, we can split the force of gravity into two components: one directed along the slope and one parallel with the normal force. These forces will be equivalent to the weight times the sine/cosine of the slope angle, respectively. Since passengers are neither being ejected from the log nor pulled through the floor, the normal force is equivalent to the parallel weight component and passengers will still be feeling about 0.7 g holding them into the seat.

When curvature is involved, the equation gets more complicated due to centripetal force, which is dependent on speed and radius of curvature. This force is always directed toward the center of a curve, causing increased normal force at the bottom of a drop and decreased normal force at the top. On a log flume, you are either moving very slowly at the top of a hill or the radius of curvature is large, hence you'll always have positive forces holding you in. On a roller coaster, rides are often designed to give you airtime, hence the need for restraints.

April 27, 2015, 3:27 PM

AJ, I just finished my college physics final. Do you really have to drag me down there again just when I thought I was out? :)

Edited: April 28, 2015, 6:47 PM

Oh god, oh god, oh god

First of all, I do agree with you that a thrill ride should replace Innoventions. However, I think DINOSAUR is to similar too Indiana Jones and I think it will be viewed as a bad version of Indy. I think that Mission Space would be the best choice.

Second, SPLASH MOUNTAIN IS ONE THE BEST RIDES IN THE WHOLE PARK!!!!!!!!!! I understand that people love Country Bear Jamboree, but Splash Mountain is way too popular and amazing to get rid of. Look, CBJ is old and should not come back unless it modernized extensively. Also, you can't fall off Splash Mountain.

Lastly, Captain EO is extremely old and is creepy

Look, I understand you are trying to bring back the past, but Disneyland is about the future.

Edited: May 14, 2015, 11:02 PM

Heard from a cast member yesterday that Innoventions and Autopia will be removed, and most likely the Subs, due to very high operation costs to maintain the subs. So, I'm sure when they do that they will remove the exposed people mover track, and the inner loop of the Monorail, so that they have a clean palette to work with for a new Tomorrowland. If they also remove the Monorail station, here's an idea of where to put a new one: After the Monorail comes around the Matterhorn it could turn right and go into the old Rocket Rods tunnel and continue across the entrance to Tomorrowland, still following the old Rocket Rods path into the Star Tours building and then to a new station on the upper floor of Star Trader, where there are those unused esclators. Those escalators could then be used to take people up to and down from the new Monorail station. After coming out of this new station, the monorail would turn right to connect with the existing beam that heads towards the Downtown Disney station. Relocating the Tomorrowland Monorail station in this way would enable removing the existing station and having a totally clear area for new attractions.

Edited: May 14, 2015, 11:13 PM

OT, but... While waiting in line at Big Thunder, I read the little signposts; the ones that say things like "Busted Flats." Well, since Disney loves puns, I think that signpost should be changed to read "Busted Flat" and then the one beneath that should read "Baton Rouge" and then the one beneath that should read "Waiting for a Train." Get it? It's the lyrics from Me and Bobbie McGee! It's perfect, because we are in fact "Waiting for a train!"

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