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May 13, 2015, 2:16 PM

Going to be there on Monday, June 1. Want to ride all I can, but don't know if it's necessary for that early in the season on a monday. Thoughts?

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May 13, 2015, 5:46 PM

I would be surprised if you would really need Fast Lane that early in the season. Many local schools around here are still in session then, although most colleges will be out for the summer. I think that, if you plan your time wisely you should be able to get on all the major and many of the minor rides on a Monday. One ride not to be missed is Cedar Downs, one of the last remaining Racing Derby carousels in the world. It's a truly unique ride. And if you have any interest in amusement park history, stick your nose into the Town Hall Museum in Frontier Town. Lots of Cedar Point history.

Many people "in the know" start at the back of the park and work their way to the front. Park in the Soak City parking lot and use that entrance (called the Resorts entrance gate). It gets you closest to Frontier Town and Maverick. If you have any back problems, or if you just hate rough coasters, you might want to skip Mean Streak. It's a kidney-bruiser.

I'm going tomorrow to check out the changes this year, including the conversion of Mantis (a stand-up coaster) to Rougarou (a floorless coaster). I hope to have an article in TPI soon.

Have a great time!

May 14, 2015, 4:24 PM

I visited Cedar Point for two days last July (a Tuesday and Wednesday). We bought Fast Lane on one of those days (Wednesday), but discovered that other than the three big Intamin coasters (Maverick, Millennium Force, and Top Thrill Dragster) and Raptor it didn't save a ton of time. However, it did allow us to get several rides on each of the headliners in one day, which is usually not possible as they often have a wait of an hour or more (especially Millennium Force and Maverick). On the day we didn't purchase Fast Lane (Tuesday), we didn't get to the park until 2 P.M. and still managed to get one ride on each coaster except Millennium Force, but didn't have time for any non-coaster attractions. While I haven't visited the park in June, given my experience during what is considered a busy time and the fact that you're visiting during what most say is one of the lowest crowd periods, I would be very surprised if you actually needed to purchase a Fast Lane. If you've only got one day at the park and don't visit often, I would budget for Fast Lane just in case, but definitely don't buy it until you are certain you need it to do everything.

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