May 14, 2015, 2:36 PM

Just came back from a great vacation in Universal studios. The only downer was the Horrible meal at MONSTER cafe in Universal studios. The Rotessire Chicken meal is Scary it WILL LITERALLY SCARE THE SH*T OUT YOU! Under cooked raw garbage. I don't know how they "cook" it but it sucks. Other than that crowds were descent only 25 minute wait time for Harry Potter escape from gringotts an that was at 3:30 pm. Everything else 10-35 minutes, sure that will be non existent starting Memorial day weekend. Good luck.

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May 15, 2015, 6:11 AM

We just got back from Visiting Florida - Hit Universal for 3 days, we did not eat (or even see a Monster Café) but we did eat at CowFish and it was sublime..

And I fail to believe a semi-cooked piece of chicken can scare the bejesus out of anyone....

I would encourage you to write a Trip report...

May 15, 2015, 7:06 AM

Did you take the undercooked product to a manager? I know many "smoked" meats tend to have a pink color inside despite being cooked thoroughly. I've never been overly impressed with Monster's Cafe, but if you were served an undercooked piece of chicken, that's a health hazard, and should be brought to the manager's attention immediately, not complained about on a discussion board when you get back from vacation.

May 17, 2015, 8:02 AM

Scary Chicken? It is Monster Cafe


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