Cedar Point Size Limits - An Update

July 13, 2015, 6:53 PM

I wanted to give everyone an update and thank you so much for your information.

I posted a month or so ago asking for information about the size limits on Cedar Point rides because I knew I had gained some weight since the last time I had been there. The information you provided me was completely accurate.

I was able to fit onto all of the rides with no problem. Millenium Force was a little closer than I would have hoped, but I still had some slack. Everything else I had no issues with and they weren't even close. My husband had some concerns on Maverick with the new restraints. He isn't overweight but is extremely muscular in the shoulders and he said it was a tight fit.

Unfortunately it rained most of the day and Dragster wasn't being run. I'm not entirely sure if it wasn't running because of the rain or another issue. I'm assuming if I was able to fit on Millenium with a little slack I would have fit on Dragster too...

So thank you again for the incredibly accurate and helpful information and advice. :)

Also I loved Gatekeeper! :) Can't wait to go back to Cedar Point!

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