Carowind's Fury 325 operated only 20 min on Sept 12 2015

Edited: September 15, 2015, 12:54 AM

Fury 325 started the day Shutdown with all 3 Trains stored and without any visible activity of Maintenance.

Around 1 pm people lined up and it was shut down little later.

Acording to a Supervisor a Cooling Van for the Lift Chain Motor Mailfunctioned, but an Replacement "is already on the way and will arrive in 2 hours". The World Record Coaster did not reopen until Park Closing at 8 pm.

I ask myself 2 things:

1. WHY Cedar Fair - a Company that should have Premier Experance in Park Operations and Ride Maintenance does NOT have important Parts (like a simple Cooling Fan) in stock in Case of Mailfunction to be able to replace it as fast as to replace a Mailfunction Contact?

2. The Reopening for 20 Min showed that Ride Operation would be possible in intervals. Why they did not reopen the Ride for example for the first 20 Min of each hour alowing the Motor to cool down 40 Min afterwards? That would allow each Visitor at least one Ride on that newest Coaster in the Park!

PS Next day (Sunday Fury325 was open with all other Rides and I could ride it 8 times before 11:30am...

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