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I know it's been talked before, but I think a new Monorali route will be coming in a few years. With another parking ramp being built, I'm speculating the monorail line will be changed to take people to and from the park entrance plaza to the parking ramps. Some of the existing beams could be used to reduce costs, and the section between the parks would remain. A new station would be built at or near where the tram loading area is now. It would only have one line, but two monorails could run from the park station to each parking ramp. They would have to take precautions to avoid an accident like the one that happened at DisneyWorld. A new maintaince and storage area for the Monorails would be hidden at the new parking ramp.

To me keeping the Monorail in the parks is dated and interrupts the theme, especially at DCA. Why they didn't alter the route when it was built is weird to me, but my guess was they didn't know their plans for it long term. I would no longer consider the monorail to be worthy of being an attraction, but I do think it should remain at the resort. There is something magical about monorails, they are a very fun to ride, in part because they did not become a common means of transportation as once thought. It still fits the resort, just not within the park as an attraction, or as a way relitivly short ride to Downtown Disney. Taking people to and from the parks via monorail would be much better than the trams, and more effective use of the monorail system than a ride from Tomorrowland to Downtown Disney. The current route no longer makes sense, and should be changed. My guess is after Star Wars, a new Tomorrowland is on the table, and the monorail will be gone. A monorail hasn't belonged there for decades, even with the retro future theme of the late 90s.

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September 19, 2015, 5:08 PM

That is an interesting thought, but I would find it hard to believe that Disney would put a station in the garage. That monorail is a whole other animal from its WDW cousin.

I do not think Disney would ever get rid of the Monorail at DL. Yes, it mostly is a "ride", but its sort of Disney's "thing".

I will admit that the Disney World one is a real wonder and probably more of what Walt Disney had in mind.

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