Your Own Great Movie Ride

Edited: October 4, 2015, 2:35 PM

Put companies and contracts aside. If you had to make your own Great Movie Ride, what films would you include that you think are worthy for the ride?

My List:
Lion King
Citizen Kane
Toy Story
Shawshank Redemption
The Godfather
Beauty & the Beast

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October 4, 2015, 3:46 PM

Not quite sure what you mean. You've included some great films on your list, but I'm not sure how well the Godfather, Shawshank and Citizen Kane translate to a ride.

For my money, Star Wars (original trilogy), Harry Potter and X-Men are my 3 favourite IPs suitable for rides. Lucky me

October 5, 2015, 3:55 AM

How about Jaws, King Kong, Earthquake, Jurrasic Park... wait that would just be the studio tour.

October 5, 2015, 10:47 AM

The Ride 24 - The Jack Bauer Experience.

October 5, 2015, 4:29 PM

-Citizen Kane
-Star Wars
-back to the future
-the godfather
-lion king
-beauty and the beast
-snow white

October 6, 2015, 9:59 AM

I can totally imagine a Frozen segment on the Great Movie Ride. You see Elsa and the temperature drops suddenly

October 6, 2015, 1:40 PM

My version of the great movie ride covers not only famous films, but ones that are part of cinema history.

- The Great Train Robbery
- Wizard Of Oz
- Snow White (1937)
- Mary Poppins
- The Godfather
- Star Wars
- King Kong
- Jurassic Park
-Toy Story
- Iron Man
- Frozen

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