Best/Worst theme park Team Member stories

October 11, 2015, 2:45 PM

All of us have had good and bad experiences with Theme Park Team Members. Wether it be at Disney or Holy Land, I invite you to share your stories on this thread. Since most of you will probably tell your Disney Cast Member stories, my stories will be at lesser known theme parks.

My "Best" Story:
The mute ticket taker - Knoebles, Ellysburg, PA
I was at Knoebels this summer on a very hot and crowded summer day, so I was surprised that Twister (a great woodie) was a walk on. Right in front of me were two men who did not have enough tickets to ride. The ticket taker was mute and smiled at the men and pointed at their tickets. They were confused, and I told them they did not have enough tickets, and the ticket taker nodded at me. They didn't seem to be very good with math, so the ticket taker and I helped them. They went up to the ride, and I gave the him my tickets, he smiled at me and pushed the tickets back. I got a free ride.

My "Worst" Story:
The one train team on the Great White - Morey's Piers, Wildwood, NJ
The fall team at a regional amusement park. They always run one train, they close off rows, and they socialize between cycles. I counted that the ride was getting an hourly capacity of 320 people an hour. They randomly shut down the ride, and when I came back later, the ride was getting about 288 people an hour. I rode and, while Great White is probably the best ride at Morey's and is worth a wait, this was unacceptable.


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October 11, 2015, 7:12 PM

My best story:

It was a blazing hot day at DAK in Summer of either '13 or '14. I had my birthday button on even though my birthday was two weeks earlier but that's the week we got to go. Anyway, I was in line and got some ice pop from one of the carts that sells the Mickey bars, and as I pulled out my wallet, the young lady saw my birthday button and smiled "This one's on me". It made my day and I still remember it years later

October 12, 2015, 7:28 AM

This was a story my friend told me: He was at DAK with his girlfriend. He was holding a map and he asked a Disney CM "Could you show me how to get to Everest?" The CM said , "Sure. follow me." The CM led them through the park into the gift shop, on to the unload ramp and VIPed them to the front of the line.

October 12, 2015, 11:33 AM

I dropped my pizza at the Jurassic Café in a Universal Studios Hollywood. I guess I looked really sad about it because they gave me a free pizza and let me and my family go through the Fastpass line.

October 12, 2015, 4:10 PM

Another "worst" story
A hurricane was rolling through in late August 2012, and DAK was empty. Every ride was a walk on.(even Everest in the front row was only a few people deep) Anyway, I had the worst Safari guide ever! She looked like she was about to fall asleep. I haven't been back on the safari since.

October 13, 2015, 3:27 AM

Another "Worst" story
It was a beautiful June day at Six Flags Great Adventure, and it was my first time at the mega park. I couldn't find Batman the ride, so I asked a team member. She didn't know, but still treated me like an idiot for not knowing were the ride was. Then I found the ride, and the Team Member out front could not estimate the wait time because "she was new". I didn't end up riding that day.

October 13, 2015, 11:49 AM

The ride ops on El Toro who notice that I have the El Toro logo tattooed on one leg always get a kick out of it and are exceptionally nice to me. Two weeks ago I had just come off a train that had gotten stuck on the lift hill. I asked a ride op whether they were going to run that train again (they were, after a successful test run without riders), pointed out that no-one was waiting for my row and asked whether I could wait it out without having to exit the station. The ride op allowed me to wait behind the exit gate, come back through and reboard the train after the test run. Had a similar incident occurred on another ride or at another park I probably would have had to exit the station and get back in line.

October 13, 2015, 4:57 PM

I know New York-New York isn't a theme park but i'll add a worst story from the Manhattan Express.
Early September when I rode, the Team Members were just grouchy and rude, and by my counts the ride was getting through about 100 people an hour. To top it off, The Manhattan Express is one of the worst coasters in America. At least there was no line.

October 14, 2015, 3:50 AM

For my first time on El Toro, a women cut through my lane and sat next to me. My friend, who was going to sit next to me, told the team members that she was not cooperating and the team members very perfesionally handled it. She didn't get up, and she was kicked her out of the park.

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