Disneyland SoCal resident promotion in 2016?

October 24, 2015, 7:20 AM

I'm wondering if Disneyland is likely to offer another promotion for local residents in early 2016, like they did early this year. The promotion was discounted 2 or 3 day tickets, good between Jan 7 and May 21 (right before the 60th anniversary celebration started), with two weeks blocked out for spring break.

With rumors of a price increase for park tickets coming within a few weeks, I'm looking at buying either a 3-day park hopper to use early next year (good for 13 days, expires end of 2016) which would cost $275 before the price increase, or the SoCal Select parkhopper, $329 for weekday use with the summer, holidays, and spring break blocked out (too late to avoid the price increase from about a month ago; maybe another increase coming in January or spring 2016?).

Last year's deal was a 2-day ticket with choice of one park per day for $139; a 2-day Park Hopper ticket for $178; a 3-day ticket with choice of one park per day for $169, or a 3-day Park Hopper for $208. I would expect the prices to be $20 or $30 more for 2016, if a promotion is offered.

Of course, if there were a promotion, that would be a better deal, especially if I don't plan to make many more visits past early 2016. I have some free time in January, and wouldn't likely visit more than a two or three times during a shortened period.

I realize there will be a lot of closures coming right after the holiday season ends in early January, and with the 60th anniversary celebration, the park has been a lot more crowded compared to other years, so they might not be a need for a promotion.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

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October 28, 2015, 9:20 PM

My best guess is that with the 60th anniversary celebration and Season of the Force both happening this off-season, in addition to reduced capacity from closed attractions, Disneyland may choose not to offer a SoCal discount in 2016. However, I have not heard anything either way. Personally, unless you think you would get the full use of the SoCal Select pass I would hold off for now. However, keep up to date on news for the resort and if you discover conclusive evidence that a notable price increase (15+%) is coming, buy the 3-day hopper immediately. Otherwise, you can wait until right before your visit and see if a deal is being offered. I would only buy the SoCal Select pass if you think you will be visiting more than 3 times in 2016 or you want to spread your visits out over a longer time period.

October 29, 2015, 6:38 AM

Off-season? What's that?

October 29, 2015, 9:49 AM

@AJ: I wouldn't bet against the SoCal discount just yet. Last year, they had the popular Frozen Fun and they still offered the discount. I expect Star Wars to be popular, but it is a overlay no different than Frozen. Nonetheless, you lose nothing by wait and see. Once the new Star Wars Land opens, don't expect the SoCal discount to come back for at least 2 years. This happened when Cars Land opened. I didn't return to Disneyland for at least that long except for the discounted Halloween Party.

October 29, 2015, 1:10 PM

Thanks, A.J. and Anon.

I figure I might as well wait until about the second week of January and see if the promotion returns. If not, maybe I'll stick with the SoCal Select pass, which would be good for a whole year in case some more free time comes along.

The only thing that concerns me is Disney possibly raising prices on annual passes again first thing next year, like on January 2nd or so (I've learned to never under-estimate the willingness of Disney to raise their prices with no warning). But if that happens, I probably will just pass on any Disneyland visit for 2016, and rely on Mint Crocodile and Andy Castro to visit vicariously.

October 29, 2015, 1:56 PM

I'm half thinking Disneyland may not do a price raise in 2016 since they've done two in 2015. If there is another raise (which wouldn't surprise me), I highly doubt it will be in January. Raising the price just days before several attractions close for over a year and when annual refurbishments will likely be taking place could end up being a PR disaster. If there is a price increase, I'd bet on it being in May before the new DCA attractions open.

I agree, wait until either right before your visit or until you have solid evidence of an impending change before buying tickets. If you think there is a good possibility that you'll be able to visit later in the year, I definitely recommend purchasing the pass. Otherwise, choose the ticket option that is the best value for what you're looking for.

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