DHS on Easter Sunday?

April 14, 2014, 8:28 AM

This weekend, we are planning on heading up to DHS for a day, and that day falls on Easter Sunday. I know the week before Easter and all dates leading up to it get jammed pack busy, but how busy should I expect DHS to be on Easter Sunday itself? It is (unfortunately) the best day we could go.

Lots of different crowd calendars are telling me different things, but they all expect MK and Epcot to be the busiest, which is good. I feel like majority will swarm MK. Also, since Easter is so late, is it safe to assume that the majority of spring breaks are over? I had mine mid-March, so that also gives me hope.

I'm just concerned cause I'm going with a one year old, a five year old and a potentially very angry step dad of mine if it's too crowded, cause if it is, then it will probably be living hell.

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