What to do in Orlando?

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Hi, I'm going to Orlando in May 2016 for 12 days and I'm looking for some advise/help, would like to know more about weather, hotel (international palms resort) and is it worth doing 8 parks if I'm only there 12 days? Parks are disney magic kingdom, aquatic, sea world, bush gardens, islands of adventure, universal studio, discovery cove and Tampa bay. Would I have enough time as I'd also like to go shopping etc, thanks!

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Edited: December 10, 2015, 8:59 AM

May is a great time to visit Orlando area. Parks will not be too busy if you visit before Memorial day.
You have some nice weather in May usually around 85 average degrees.

I like Discover Code also.. Great day and everything is included, food, snacks, drinks.
BGT is one of my favorites, nice foliage and rides.
Aquatica is the best water park...

I would spread out the parks visits... Make sure you rest. Hit two parks, take a rest day... Your Feet will need a break, not only walking but standing in lines take a toll on your body.

Disney Springs the former named Downtown Disney is a nice place for an off rest day, but is it more expensive to shop there.

There is the new Orlando Eye also... And an IflyOrlando but again everything cost in Orlando area. We have also taken Air boat rides... There are endless things in Florida... Not to mention the beaches....

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