Comcast confirms purchase of 475 acres in Orlando

February 3, 2016, 8:20 AM

During it's fourth quarter fiscal report today, Comcast confirmed it purchased 475 acres for $130 million. This is part of the property Vivendi (Universal's owner at that time) originally sold when they were in financial trouble earlier this century. Comcast also reported theme park revenue increased 38.6% for the quarter (15.55% excluding adjustments associated with Universal Japan acquisition)Theme park revenue increased from $735 million to $1,019 million.

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February 3, 2016, 8:34 AM

Thanks for the Info Rob..
But did you mean - "Theme park revenue increased from $735 million to $1,019 million."
So this is $1,019 Million is $1 Billion....

Edited: February 3, 2016, 9:21 AM

Brian: Yes, you got it right. That's the fourth quarter 2014 vs. fourth quarter 2015 (with adjustments for Orlando Japan acquisition that occurred somewhere during that quarter). Comcast attributed the numbers to increased attendance & spending due to Halloween Horror Nights, Diagon Alley & Fast & Furious. They don't separate Hollywood from Orlando in their report, so I don't know the percentage increases attributed to the respective resorts themselves.

Edited: February 3, 2016, 4:06 PM

WDW, here comes the BOOM!

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